A bona fide bike ride!

I rode my bike this morning!!!  I didn’t even wreck in the 18 blocks that I biked!!!  That’s impressive, considering how many times I started and stopped!  I only knocked the free wheel shifter out of place once, and I was immediately aware of it!  I almost knocked the crank gear shifter out of place, but quickly corrected it.  That happens with the end-of-the-handlebar shifters a lot when I’m stopping.  It only happened once, and they both happened at the same time, so I just leaned too far forward when I stopped and put my foot down the one time.  I think that, with more riding and getting used to this bike, that sort of thing won’t happen as much.  I also think that it’ll happen less as I lose weight and have better balance when I stop and start.

Today’s bike ride was a bona fide bike ride.  It wasn’t commuting.  It wasn’t riding up and down the block practicing starting and stopping.  It was just riding, not sure where or how far I’d go, until I decided to come back to my apartment.  It was a half-hour ride.  It didn’t feel pressured, hurried, or forced.  It felt good, calm, and under control.  I felt free.  Like when I climb, I feel free.  That kind of free.  I wasn’t busting my way up any hills or cruising down any mountains.  I was just riding on flat roads one block at a time, watching for traffic, looking around, using proper hand signals, riding in the lane, and stopping at stop signs.  I rode up Wyoming, turned north onto 8th for one block, then rode back on Yellowstone.  My calves were letting me know they were working, especially my right calf.  I’m not sure what that’s about, but at the end of my bike ride, nothing hurt, and that was fantastic!!!  I finally did it!!!  I finally went on a regular old fun bike ride!!!  YESSS!!!

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