Late in the day!

I truly apologize for not getting this blog post written until 1909 hrs!!!  I know it’s been my habit to post early in the morning, and I’m normally in bed by this time in the evening!  So, my sincere apologies to those who like to read my posts at 0700 hrs!!!

Well, today was a strange one.  The sad part was that I didn’t get to climb.  I really needed to today, too.  Today was one of those days when it would’ve benefitted me greatly.

Though I didn’t climb, I went for a five-minute bike ride…  I practiced starting and stopping, starting and stopping.  I haven’t had my bike out yet this month, so I figured some practice was in order.  The wind was really blowing, so a longer ride than around the block wouldn’t have been much fun since everything is uphill from where I live!  I did get on my bike, I did ride it, and I didn’t wreck, however!  That’s progress!!!

I went to church after that.  I ended up sitting next to a grandfather and his three grandchildren, all of whom came in at various stages of “late”.  The two granddaughters did nothing but fight with each other, but were inseparable at the same time.  They were sitting right next to me.  The grandson was slightly older and behaved himself most of the time.  The grandfather spent the entire service refereeing the kids as quietly as he could.  The youngest girl decided that she’d push her luck with me.  She reached out when I wasn’t looking and slowly inched her outstretched pointer finger toward my Scripture tote.  I saw this out of the corner of my eye, and just as she was about to touch it, I turned my head.  She quickly pulled her hand back and put her pointer finger on her upper lip, looking at me, questioning…  I had no sooner turned my attention back to the speaker at the pulpit than I noticed the small arm extending toward my Scripture tote again.  Ugh.  This is why I’m not a kid person.  How do you definitively teach a little kid who isn’t yours in the middle of a reverent gathering to worship the being of your choice that it’s simply not okay to act up and be a little monster getting snot and boogers and slobber and drool and poop and whatever other sticky thing you’ve gotten your grimy little fingers into, onto, or otherwise contacted on a stranger’s prized possessions and/or person, such as their Scriptures?  I endured it until the closing hymn and then left before the service ended because I didn’t want to deal with anyone on any level.  I’d had it!  I hadn’t gotten to enjoy any of the service at all because I was being distracted the whole time by these “precious little ones”.  I didn’t have kids for a reason.  That’s all I have to say on the matter.

That kind of set the tone for my whole day.  I wanted to go climbing, but all I could think of was all of the little kids that would be running around occupying every auto-belay there so that I wouldn’t get any climbing done anyway.  So, I spent the rest of the day as a troll in my dark lair, except for the trip to McDonald’s with my husband for an ice tea, which made things a little better.  Tomorrow will be better, I hope.

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