Tried my new harness out this morning!

I got a Misty Mountain quick-adjust harness a while ago and this morning, I decided to put it on, adjust it, and try it out on the wall. This is a really awesome harness, and not just because it’s woodland camo colored! First of all, it’s my size, which is difficult to find, and it’s a quick-adjust, at that! I’ve never found a quick-adjust harness in my size before, and it’s so awesome! Hopefully, as I lose weight, I’ll be able to find quick adjust harnesses in the Misty Mountain line in the ever-smaller sizes that I will need! I love the fit of the Misty Mountain harnesses. They’re really comfortable and not bulky like so many “comfy” harnesses are. So, for the time being, I have a great harness!!!

I didn’t climb much this morning because I’m on this diet that makes me feel really tired and weak because of the calorie restrictions. I’m trying it because my husband wanted me to, and the next phase of the diet includes a better supper portion. I just can’t get myself together to climb hard because I have no energy in the morning! If next week doesn’t go better, I’m going back to the diet my doctor gave me to follow. At least I get to eat real food on that diet and I don’t feel so energy-deprived! I want to ride my bike, too, but that hasn’t been happening, either.

The point is that I’m trying. It’s frustrating not to be able to do the things I want to do. I did get up this morning. I did go to the climbing gym. I did get my new harness on. I did clip into the auto belay. I did do my best this morning. I did all that. I think that’s all worthy of mention, because I could’ve just turned the alarm off and gone back to sleep after taking my meds. But I didn’t! If all I get is the Honorable Mention, then I’ll take it! Mental illness is no joke, and I fight with it every day. So far, I’m doing okay at fighting it off today.

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