Two 90-Day Challenges

I now have two 90-day Challenges going on in my life, both of which are good, I think.  The first is the MyClimb Genesis Challenge 2018, which entails climbing, obviously.  The second is a 90-Day Scripture Reading Challenge, which I’m excited about because every time I try to get through my Scriptures, I get to the same point and my reading schedule kind of dies out.  My church got smart, though, and broke the challenge down into reading X-number of chapters per day, so that you’re sure to make it as long as you read your two or three chapters each day.  Cool, huh?  I thought so.  Today is Day 2 of that challenge.  I’m already four days in on the climbing challenge (so technically, the climbing challenge is a 92-day challenge…).

I’ve been asked to write a short introduction on Facebook for those who are new or don’t know me for the Genesis Challenge.  I don’t really know what to write.  My name is Chris Jones.  I’m 37 years old and live in Montana.  I’ve been climbing for just a little over two years, love to climb, and do it whenever possible when I’m not incapacitated by PTSD with Depression and Anxiety from the military.  Climbing has saved my life.  I’ve met some great people through climbing and it has helped me in managing my PTSD.  I actually have a written prescription from my doctor to “Climb ad lib,” meaning climb whenever desired.  I always desire it.  It’s just a matter of overcoming my illness just enough to get on the wall, then I’m okay!  Getting on the wall is the hardest part of the whole process, because PTSD, depression, and anxiety are no joke.  I always feel better when I get on the wall, though.  Always, without exception.  My favorite climbing shoes are the La Sportiva Skwama (Men’s), and I love outdoor climbing, but indoor climbing will do when climbing outdoors isn’t feasible.  I’m getting back into bicycling, too.  I just bought a new bike with all the fixings for bikepacking and I just have to learn to ride a bike again (I haven’t ridden a bike in quite a few years, and I’ve never ridden this style of bike before, therefore I’ve crashed several times, which hurt!).  My goals are to enjoy the process of climbing, travel more by bike than by motor vehicle this summer, and get in shape again!

I think that introduction sounds okay.  Don’t you?  I really don’t know what else to say.  It’s about managing a very difficult and chronic mental illness.  It’s about enjoying the process and focusing on the next hold and being in the present moment as much as possible.  It’s about celebrating the great outdoors with like-minded people who want to dwell in the world of the steep and climb everything there is to climb while preserving and protecting it for themselves and others for generations to come!  It’s about hard work, determination, grit, and a fire burning deep and bright and hot within.  It’s about persevering and not giving up.  Climbing is a real character-building exercise and a full-body workout, for sure!!!  I love it so much.  I really do.  It is a true gift to be given the opportunity to climb!!!

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