The Sunday Sesh, No. 6

Sorry it’s been so long!!!  I was under the mental weather during the month of May and everything fell apart!  I’m back, though, and I had the opportunity to talk with a very talented climber, DK, about his climbing shoes.

For outdoor use, he immediately and without hesitation, named the Scarpa Drago climbing shoes as his favorite climbing shoes.  When asked what he liked about them, he named off many features of the shoes, including that they are super soft, sensitive, have great toe rubber and lots of toe rubber, and have a really nice heel cup.  At $200 per pair, though, he doesn’t wear them in the gym!  DK’s street shoe size is 10.5 US Men’s, and his Scarpa Drago climbing shoes are a size 42 EU.

DK’s indoor climbing shoe of choice is the Scarpa Instinct VS, due to more support, wearing out much slower than his Drago shoes, and being super comfortable right out of the box.  He also wears a size 42 EU in this model of Scarpa climbing shoes.

Thank you for your time, DK!  I hope this review of DK’s climbing shoes was helpful!  Stay tuned for more great reviews from climbers just like you!!!  Thanks for reading!!!

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