First day of the Genesis Challenge!

It’s June 1st!  The first official day of the MyClimb Genesis Spring Challenge 2018!!!  Let’s review my goals:

1. Lose weight (at least 24 lbs during this Challenge, preferably more, all toward my end goal of getting back down to my “fighting weight” of 124 lbs) and get into better climbing shape physically, mentally, and spiritually by doing as much outdoor climbing and visiting as many climbing gyms as I can over the spring/summer/autumn seasons this year. Money may be a limiting factor, as far as the travel goes. I’m working on solutions to that problem. I’ll probably have to stay local.

2. Ride my bike to each one of “The Bozeman Six” artificial boulders in Bozeman, MT, and attempt 4-5 problems on each boulder, all in one day, as an endurance project.

3. Climb 5.9 well enough to lead climb 5.9 in my gym and get certified to lead climb (fairly extensive certification process at my gym) at my climbing gym and every other climbing gym I visit.

4. Build endurance by biking to and from the climbing gym from my apartment, and go on some longer bike rides that build endurance and burn fat, perhaps even bikepacking locally.

5. Get as much foundation climbing volume in as I can concerning lower-level climbing grades to iron out technique and improve overall without injury, emerging as a solid, even more motivated climber. To this end, I want to complete at least one MyClimb App challenge per week.

6. I want to climb the “Bozeman Six” with Lou Renner and Leon Kaatz again this year!!! I haven’t set a numeric goal for how many problems I’m aiming for yet.

IN SHORT, CLIMB!!! I even have a prescription from my psychiatrist to “Climb ad lib”, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do!!! I have to work on my health, and the best way to do that is through climbing and getting some other good cardio in on my bike while the sun’s shining. Getting in shape is the goal, both short-term and long-term, and climbing for life is the ultimate goal! I want this spring and summer Genesis Challenge to be a game changer!!! LIFESTYLE OVERHAUL!!! Why? Because I want to live to a ripe old age and still be climbing, so I have to get my ducks in a row now in order to do that! I want to climb on my dying day as one of the ancients of the climbing world! That’s the only way to go for me!!!

I’m excited to get going with the Genesis Challenge!  I have to set up my training journal today for June (I use a Bullet Journal) and figure out a better way to log my climbs.  Right now, I’ve assigned points to each grade of climb that I attempt and/or complete, and it’s the only way I’ve found to consistently log both bouldering and roped climbs on one graph.  I think I’ll continue with that because I can always go to the specific page of my training journal for a look at what the numbers mean for a given day if I want to.  I log my bike training in miles per day.  I’m thinking of switching to kilometers, because it’d look more impressive, haha!!!

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