A potential climbing marathon!

Lou asked about my stats for last year’s Labor Day “Bozeman Six” climbing day that he, Leon, and I did.  He says that Leon is talking to him about doing a two-day back-to-back go of it this year!  Wow, that would be fun!!!  I’d definitely have to make sure I had my Extra Strength Tylenol with me, but that’s not going to stop me!!!  Last year, I sent and/or attempted 32 problems total with V1+ being my highest V grade sent.  Between the three of us, Lou, Leon, and I had a grand total of 164 problems in our nine-hour run between the “Bozeman Six” artificial boulders of Bozeman, Montana!  That’s pretty great, but Leon is hungry for more!  I love Leon and Lou both!  They share my spirit of there being no limits to what a person can accomplish when you get to know yourself and you’re willing to find out who you really are, and it’s good to be around and in contact with like-minded people!!!  It’s great, and there’s nothing like having good buddies who believe in you as much as you believe in them!!!  Leon’s 76 years young and wants to break the 50-problem mark on the “Bozeman Six” this year.  That’s awesome!!!

I’m definitely in, especially if Lou and Leon are coming to Bozeman!!!  That’s only two hours away for me and I gotta get in shape for this!  This is going to be spectacular!!!  I have to get more photos this year, too!  Thankfully, Lou had a camera last year, and I foolishly forgot mine.  Not this year, though!  I’ll find a way, even if it’s strapping my helmet with my GoPro on it onto my bean to film some of the action!!!  I’ll be climbing my heart out, too, so that might be the best strategy…  I’ll have to think on that.  Anyway, it sounds like this is going to happen!!!  YEEESSSSS!!!  Lou and Leon are coming back to Bozeman and we’re going to climb together!!! Talk about motivation!  Two great climbing buddies, one from the East Coast and one from the West Coast, converging on Bozeman, Montana to meet up with a Billings gal two hours’ drive away for some good, hard climbing in the form of a challenge to ourselves, to each other, and as a group to top some lofty goals together and have one heck of a good time doing it!

Two days in a row!  Now that’s going to be even more of a challenge and more fun!!!  I wonder what we can accomplish in two days???  It sounds like Leon wants to find out, and that curiosity is highly contagious!  I’m curious to see what we can accomplish in two days’ time if we push ourselves (wisely, that is).  There’s an energy that comes from climbing with Leon and Lou that pushes me to do things that I could never accomplish on my own, and Leon told Lou that my energy does the same for him (Lou shared that with me last year).  It does make all the difference in the world. When you’re with good climbing buddies whom you trust and have good connections with, there’s a camaraderie and an energy that lifts everyone to their highest potential.  It’s also a safety net.  Nobody lets anybody else do anything stupid, we keep each other hydrated and safe, and we encourage and scout out lines for each other.  It’s great!!!  It’s exciting, too, because it’s an adventure into the unknowns of your potential.  You pace yourselves, but you’re also on a mission to find out exactly what you’re capable of – what is possible.  Possibility lends itself easily to hope, and we all need a good dose of that every day!  I can’t wait to see how this pans out!!!  Updates pending!!!

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