Well, my day turned out okay

I went over to the first building and got the paperwork that my husband needed, then went to the building where the church service I was going to go to was to take place, and lo and behold, a special event was happening during the service before the one I was going to go to, which brought a whole bunch of people that I used to know at church together!  When they finished their service and came out, I knew all kinds of people!!!  I got to say hello to many people that I feared I’d never see again!  That made things better right away.  I met the missionaries and they sat with me during the worship service, which was great of them.  I told them I’d be in touch.  I found out that everybody felt the same way about the church sectors changing and everything.  Everybody feels like their friendships got torn apart and lost, and like they don’t know anybody anymore.  So I didn’t feel alone in feeling alone.

I went out to see my dad after I came back to the apartment and changed out of my good shirt.  High school graduations are going on all over the city of Billings today, so I thought getting out of town and seeing Pop would be somewhat quieter.  Not so.  There were two guys on snowmobiles (no, there’s no snow on the ground, it’s 75º F today, and my mom and dad’s street is paved) riding them up and down the street, and then another kid racing a go-cart up and down the street.  It was so loud that my dad and I couldn’t even have a conversation!  My dad told me some stories about some of the things he did as a kid, haha.  Talk about mischief and almost getting killed!  Of course, I can’t say that my childhood was much different…  I come by it honestly, I guess.  I left after only a short bit because the noise was getting to me.  My stress threshold wasn’t far away.

My husband and I went for a cold drink at McDonald’s and drove around some after I got home again.  We saw SteepWorld’s portable wall set up at a graduation party up about five blocks and over two streets from where we live as we drove around.  That must’ve been an expensive party!

Right now, we’re preparing for Squiggle Bug to come down and spend a couple of hours with us, as he usually does when my brother has to take my sister-in-law to work.  Hopefully he’s in a calm mood, because I’m tired and my husband is, too!  Oh, well.  He’ll be how he’s going to be, and we’ll have a good time regardless.  I hope…

Despite my initial fears, the day has gone rather well.  I decided against staying for the Sunday school session at church this morning.  The worship service was enough for today.  I did get a study guide for the Sunday school preparatory readings, though, which is good.  I can prepare for next week, maybe.  I think today went okay.  The only thing that would make it better would be if I could go climbing!!!  CLIMBING WOULD REALLY MAKE MY DAY!!!

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