Lou and Leon are coming back!

I’m working my way back up to the climbing level I was at a few months ago in anticipation of my climbing buddies and great friends Lou and Leon, from opposite coasts of the United States, making a trip to Bozeman later in the summer to climb with me again!  That’s the tentative plan, at least.  YESSS!!!  This is going to be so awesome!!!  Last Labor Day was when Lou and Leon and I made our round of the “Bozeman Six” and ended up climbing 164 problems between the three of us!  Lou climbed more than Leon, who climbed more than I did, but still, that was a great go for the three of us in nine hours’ time, especially since we had to drive all over the place to find the artificial boulders!  Leon wants to do at least 50 problems on the “Bozeman Six” this year, and Lou asked if I was up for it.  OF COURSE I AM!!!  I gotta hurry up and get in shape for this project!  Lou’s going to be in Europe for a couple of months, and I don’t know when they are planning on converging on Bozeman, but I want to be ready when they do!  I’m officially adding that to my MyClimb Genesis Spring Challenge 2018 goals list, even if it ends up falling outside the timeframe for it!  I’M SO PSYCHED!!!

Going climbing with Lou and Leon last year was one of the highlights of my action-packed first season of outdoor climbing!  Outdoor climbing was the best climbing I had ever experienced, and plastic just doesn’t compare!!!  I’m looking forward to being outside again this summer and building a lot of good strong endurance muscle while reducing the excess fat as much as possible.  It’s hard to lose weight in the winter, especially when you can’t get outside.  As long as I can get outside, I’m in good shape, and I get in better shape than if I work out indoors.  I’ll still be in the climbing gym on really hot days and the latter parts of days that started out with good climbing temps and conditions, but I want to bike some long distances, too, this summer.  I gotta get on that!  My bike rack for my truck’s receiver hitch just arrived today, so I’ll be able to drive my bike outside the city limits for some somewhat safer (hopefully) bike time.  Billings drivers can be downright hostile toward bike riders in town.  Despite bike paths, bike lanes, and right-of-ways (which technically should be the lane of any street since we’re treated the same as motor vehicles by legal standards), motorists regularly try to kill me when I’m on my bike.  That’s not to say that there aren’t some good motorists, too, who don’t wish death upon me and are respectful of my presence and my right to be on a bike and to use it as a mode of transportation, which means sharing the road with me.  Thank you, motorists who respect people on bikes!!!  Anyway, I’m going to be exploring Bozeman some on my bike in order to fulfill my Genesis Challenge goal of biking between the “Bozeman Six” and doing 4-5 problems on each boulder all in one day later this summer, so we’ll see if Bozeman motorists are any more friendly toward bikes than Billings motorists are.  That’s once I learn to ride my bike again, of course.  I’m working on it.  My whole point is that being outdoors climbing or biking or whatever I’m doing is so much better than doing those things indoors, and with Lou and Leon, it will be fantastic!!!

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