Gotta get my Friday fix!

Well, it’s Friday.  I went to the climbing gym yesterday immediately following my appointment with the Doc, and just as I was preparing to actually walk over to the wall and get my climb on, Heath (one of the owners) came up and asked if they’d warned me.  Warned me about what?  “Well, we’ve got 50 fifth-graders coming this morning.  It’s kind of a beta-testing thing.”  When?  “In about 10 minutes.”  Aaaaugh!!!  “They’re only going to be here from 11AM to 1PM.”  Okay, I’ll come back, then.  Thanks for the warning!!!  I haven’t moved that fast in a while!  I got all my stuff gathered and was just leaving the bathroom when I heard the commotion of 50 grade-schoolers entering the building.  I walked out to see them being ushered in to sit down in two lines along the edge of the main bouldering wall mat.  There were so many of them, all with a sack lunch and a whole bunch of energy!  I grabbed my stuff and headed for the door.  A lady asked if I was escaping, and I replied that I was.  I had planned on going back to the gym to climb at 1300 or 1400 hrs.  By then, though, I was asleep.  I took a good three-hour nap and woke up at 1500 hrs.  I was going to go ride my bike, but then the high-schoolers were just getting out of school and I decided against getting run over by one of their inattentive selves behind the wheel of a one-ton killing machine, or worse, by an unnecessarily noisy and annoying modified Hyundai.  I found an iced tea in the refrigerator that Jerrold had left for me and happily drank that as I checked my blog site  stats for comments and the like.  I didn’t do anything in the way of moving my body yesterday, and I’m feeling it today, both physically and mentally.

I’ve gotta get my Friday fix of climbing!!!  I know I’ll feel better all the way around when I do!  Hopefully they’re not doing any “beta-testing” today at the climbing gym!!!  I need to be able to focus and relax while I’m climbing so I can get that pure movement going, focusing on the next hold, which is the only thing that exists in the moment when everything’s working the way it should.  I’m thinking of going back to bed for a bit so that I’m good and fresh for my climbing today.  I woke up at a little before 0300 hrs this morning from nightmares and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I just took my morning meds and it’s 0509 hrs, so I have a safe margin to get some more sleep.  I’ll let you know how my climbing goes late today!!!

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