Planning on climbing today

I have some firm plans for climbing at the climbing gym today because it’s pouring outside!  A heavy rainstorm has settled in and has been dumping copious amounts of water on us all night here in Billings, MT.  I woke up at 0245 hrs and got up to listen to it for a while.  Obviously, I haven’t gone back to bed, since I’m writing this at 0535 hrs…  The rain has slowed for now, but it’s supposed to rain heavily all day long today, too.  There are flood warnings in effect until tomorrow morning for rivers, ditches, and low-lying areas in our region.  This weekend, it’s supposed to rain heavily again, following the three-day high-temperature streak that is predicted in between these two big storm systems.  The high temperatures will start the snowmelt, and further complicate flooding issues, I’m sure.  Oh, well.  We knew this was coming…

I’m planning on climbing today.  I just don’t know what time.  If I don’t go back to bed for a bit after watching Squiggle Bug this morning, I’ll go around 0900 hrs or so, or maybe even earlier.  “Alpine” fits and starts, haha!  I might go back to sleep for a bit, though, since I’ve been up most of the night, and then go climbing later, after I spend some time with Squiggle Bug and Mom upstairs.  Squiggle Bug’s going to be terribly disappointed that we can’t go for our walk outside today because of the rain.  He’s too little to understand why.  I show up, and he thinks “OUTSIDE!!!”  That’s good, though.  Associating Aunt Chris with “OUTSIDE” isn’t a bad thing at all!  It’s a real motivating factor for me to keep working toward getting in better shape.  If I’m going to be taking Squiggle Bug outside, then I’d better be able to keep up!!!  I want to climb today.  I missed climbing yesterday because I had some pressing things to do, but today I’m climbing.  I need to.  My body needs that movement and my mind needs that relief!  Besides that, I have to shock everybody with my new haircut that I got yesterday.  It’s really short – so short that you can see I have a widow’s peak!  It feels so awesome, though!  I like the look, too, and my opinion counts most heavily!  If it’s going to be hot outside, then I’m going to be cool!

I have to try on a pair of my new La Sportiva Solutions – the 2018 version.  I ordered size 39 (M) EU because I’m tired of my shoes being so painful that I can hardly stand to climb in them.  Some people can tolerate that.  For me, it takes away from the experience.  I don’t like pain unless it’s absolutely necessary, and I’m more of a size 39 (M) EU, anyway.  At least my toes don’t go numb in 39’s!  My feet are happy in that size, so I’m happy.  That’s important!  I know people who think that your shoes HAVE to hurt when they’re on your feet, or they’re not tight enough!  I want to be able to walk when I’m old, though!  I’m not that far into Chinese foot-binding.  Besides that, I’ve got a rogue pinky toe on my right foot that’s been badly broken and my second toe on both feet is as long as my big toe, if not just a little longer.  I’m told this is called Morton’s Toe, and can be a problem.  I’ve broken my second toe on my right foot as well, so it’s a bit sensitive sometimes.  My rogue pinky is always sensitive…or numb.  I try to avoid that.  I love climbing!  I don’t want to ruin my feet too early in the game (or at all)!!!

So, I’m excited to go climbing today and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.  Once I’m on the wall, I always enjoy climbing!  It’s just getting from my apartment to the wall that gets me sometimes.  I definitely need to climb!

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