Biking and bouldering!!!

Now THERE’S an idea!!!  Biking and bouldering!!!  Bike?  Check.  Boulders?  Check.  Organic Briefcase Pad?  Check.  Bike-passable routes between boulders?  Check.  On with the planning stages!!!

The MyClimb Genesis Spring Challenge 2018 is in its planning month before we begin to execute our plans to complete our challenge goals in June, July, and August.  Last Labor Day ( September 2017), Lou and Leon and I completed 163 attempts and sends on boulder problems all around the city of Bozeman on the artificial boulders in six different locations that we collectively called “The Bozeman Six” in one day.  Nine hours of bouldering for Leon and I.  Lou had gone out even earlier for his alpine start session.  The air was actually halfway clear of the smoke from the wildfires of late August that day.  It was a ton of fun, and the bouldering pad that I brought made all the difference in some cases.  I tell you the background on The Bozeman Six with Lou and Leon because one of my Genesis Challenge goals is going to be to do an endurance session.  I want to bike to every one of The Bozeman Six boulders and attempt/send at least 4-5 problems on each boulder as I bike between them.  Bike?  Check.  Boulders?  Check.  Custom Organic Briefcase Pad that I just received today via FedEx?  Check.  Bike-passable routes between boulders?  Check.  Good to go, because there are roads to each of the locations (all city parks) of all six of the artificial boulders.  Now I just have to plan out my bike routes!

The bike routes could be interesting because there are some pretty busy streets to navigate between these boulders in Bozeman!  Timing is going to be key as well.  I’m going to have to plan around the busiest times of the day and try to be bouldering during those times, or on some off-streets that take me where I want to go while keeping me away from the heavier traffic of the main drags.  The bike routes will have to be carefully planned and I’ll have to have some alternate routes, as well as a detailed map of Bozeman really handy and ready to pull out at a moment’s notice!

I’m really excited because this custom Organic Briefcase Pad that I ordered is so awesome!  It’s the perfect size to bike around Bozeman with and still be useful at the boulder for the purpose for which it was built – bouldering!!!  This is so cool!!!  I’m really stoked about this goal of mine, which was suggested by Lou.  Today’s a really grey day out, and chilly.  It’s threatening to rain at any moment here in Billings and I know it’s raining in Bozeman right now.  I’ll have to get in good riding shape and good climbing shape to pull this off!  The weather will have to cooperate for me, too, which will be a trick, but I think I’ll be able to manage as long as I have some weekdays available to me to plan this for.  The traffic might be more predictable on a weekday than on a weekend, and the boulders could possibly be less busy.  This is a great goal and I’m going to make it my main goal, I think.  I think it’s doable!!!  I’m going to give it my best shot toward the end of the Genesis Challenge, and I might work up to it in the meantime, too!  It would be really cool to go on a flash run and then work toward a redpoint run with more complex boulder problems and faster bike times between boulders.  We’ll see how it works out.  I love this!!!

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