Working in the field…

Well, my mom fixed an excellent lunch today and then we were off to the field in the old white Chevy truck to see what kind of damage we could do to the weed problem plaguing the land.  There was white mustard, yellow mustard, purple mustard – all kinds of mustard – growing waist-high in the road down the side of the field and around the building, tractors, and implements.  We had a lot of work to do.  It was 1130 hrs when we got out there, and we drove down, parking the truck next to the burn pile between the building and the garden area.  Mom and I got out and made our way through the dense, soaked white mustard to the building, where we got the weed mower from.  Once we got it gassed up, started up, and running, Mom began taking the weeds down around the building while I turned my attention to the garden area.  The sunflower stalks needed to be pulled up and added to the burn pile.  That was tough work, as some of the sunflower stalks were 4″ in diameter!  Getting those out of the ground and pounding the dirt off of the root stem as much as possible tired me quickly.  I tended to that until I got all of the sunflower stalks pulled up and carried to the burn pile, then pulled all of Mom’s stakes out while I was at it and piled them over to the side of the garden.

Mom and I took turns, sharing one section at a time, mowing the mustard, alfalfa, grass, and other weeds for the two-vehicle-wide, quarter-mile of road that runs next to the field.  We were out there in the wind and the sun for four and a half hours, trudging through freshly butchered green muck and mud.  I’m in sore need of a shower, but I hurt too bad to go take one!  I’ll take a couple of Extra-Strength Tylenol caplets and let them kick in before I go get cleaned up.  My brother and sister-in-law took Squiggle Bug to a Mother’s Day event that my sister-in-law wanted to go to in my 2011 F-150 crew cab truck that I loaned them because my brother’s starter in his Dodge truck fell off.  The bolts broke.  So much for his vehicle tonight!  I hope they have a good time.  It’s my sister-in-law’s first Mother’s Day!!!

Wow.  I’m really going to be in pain tomorrow, but it’s worth it.  I’m not going to let osteoarthritis or PTSD or any other medical condition beat me!!!  I’m going to get into the best shape of my life and I’m going to maintain that as much as possible for the rest of my life.  It happens one footstep at a time.  One moment at a time.  One day at a time.  One foot in front of the other.  I had a salad for supper.  It was yummy.  One step at a time…

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