Coffee at 1000 hrs

I woke up at 0200 hrs this morning from nightmares and couldn’t go back to sleep. I did a variety of things on the computer until it was time to get ready to go help my mom out at the field, which I doubted would happen today due to the rain that I heard begin at about 0400 hrs. I needed to pick up a few things at Walmart on the way out, so I left my apartment at 0500 hrs. At the Walmart in the next town, I needed to use the bathroom, which necessitated finding the bathrooms in the back of the store because the ones at the front were being cleaned. On my way back up the aisle, I ran across pillows, and got myself a pillow and a pillow protector in addition to the things I actually needed. A pillow protector was a full dollar cheaper than a pillow case, and it won’t matter to me when I’m sleeping on it! It’s now my official travel pillow! I dub it so! After checking out, I got to the foyer and decided I needed some caffeine. I dug in my pocket for two dollar bills. I remember when a can of pop was 25 cents, and that was at an expensive machine! I pressed the tab, somewhat disgruntled, and the machine spat out what I had selected. I felt so old this morning, and tired. I hurt all over. My joints were acting up. I took my pillow and other purchases to my truck, which sat in the handicapped space facing the store. I loaded myself up and drove out of the parking lot. There had been much more rainfall between there and the field than there had been in Billings, that was for sure! I passed a field torn up and muddy from someone who’d given it a try with a tractor already. Not a good idea, as the mud-covered tractor sitting in it would seem to agree. I arrived at my folks’ house and went inside. Mom and I decided that, if we went out to the field after a while, we’d have to park on the side of the highway and walk to the bottom of it because it was too wet to drive down there. Mom noticed how tired I was and I told her I’d been up since 0200 hrs. It was 0630 hrs and she told me to go sleep in her bed for a while. I did so thankfully!

I woke up a few minutes before 1000 hrs. My dad is asleep and I’m enjoying some of Mom’s coffee as I write this. The sun is shining, but it’s windy and wet. So much for burning out at the field! It’ll have to dry out a lot more before we try mowing down the weeds, too! I would call today a bust for field work, but Mom said before I went to sleep that she thought about calling, but figured I could use a day out of the city. She was right about needing a day out of the city! As I look out the kitchen window into the back yard, I see the cherry tree is in full bloom, elegantly dressed in its white flowers. I’m taking the time to note some of the things I’ve been overlooking just now. I appreciate nature. I haven’t been out in it enough! This is the house I grew up in beginning when I started grade school. My mom and dad still have all of my awards and artwork and plaques hung up on all of the walls. My mom has a painting of a red-winged blackbird in a marsh that I painted for her hanging in her bedroom. I’m honored. Truly. That means a lot to me.

Above, you can see what my mom has been working on weeding since I went to sleep. My mom loves irises and tulips and all kinds of flowers! A day out of the city is doing me good so far!

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