Can’t read enough!

Reading is important, and books, I think, are under-appreciated. I’m talking about paper books – you know, the good, old-fashioned kind. Climbers and adventurers appreciate a paper copy that can be read by candlelight a little more than the city dwellers, but that’s not to say that there aren’t people with big houses in the city that are more personal libraries than anything, too! So, for the bibliophiles out there, I salute you and am one of you! Today, I should be getting some books on adventure touring via bicycle, and a couple of bicycle care, maintenance, and repair books. I’m really looking forward to reading through these books when they get delivered. It won’t be until later today, though, because I’m getting my truck serviced. There’s a safety recall on the door latches. On top of that, my super expensive key is acting up, so I’ve been using the other super expensive key. They’re going to try to fix my key today so that I don’t end up having to buy a new super expensive key, which would be nice. I don’t have over $200 just laying around for a new super expensive truck key! A shim kit and battery changes are our hope to fix this key today. Much less expensive options, for sure! I just read that there’s a two-year warranty on new super expensive keys. I’m just beyond the warranty on the one that’s acting up! Reading is important! I’m thankful for digital and electronic means of spreading reading material, too. Don’t get me wrong! I wouldn’t have a blog and you wouldn’t be reading this post if digital and electronic means of distributing reading material and making it available weren’t present and widespread!

My opinion is that a person can’t read enough! No knowledge gained is ever wasted knowledge! Fiction has an important place in reading, too! It helps our imaginations expand. Reading is the way to better education, which is key to making good decisions and having a better life. When I say reading leads to a better life, that’s especially true for people who like to read! Some people read because they have to. Others read because they enjoy it! With audiobooks, those who have visual or neurological disorders can enjoy reading, too! People who can’t see can read using Braille. Any way you gain information from the many forms of “reading” benefits not only you, but all of humanity! Do you realize how advanced people who read are?! It enriches our lives and leads to greater happiness and fulfillment! Writing things for you to read gives me great pleasure as well!!! So if you don’t like to read, you just haven’t found the right thing to read, yet. Keep searching! You’ll find it!

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