Transformation using the Co-op ADV 3.1

It sounds silly, but this bike is going to help me to transform into as physically and mentally fit a person as I can become, because it’s going to help me climb better, further transforming me into a happy climber.  Here’s how it’s going to work…

It’s called a lifestyle overhaul.  First, I’m investing in the tools needed for the job, and the task here is to get into the best shape I can possibly be in.  That requires taking control of my life.  I ordered the Co-op ADV 3.1 Adventure Touring Bike and took control of my future.  I have a membership at SteepWorld Climbing and Fitness so that I can climb, which is top priority for my mental health.  My physical health needs more than just bicycling and climbing, though.  I need to get control over my diet as well as my exercise.  I’m going to stick to the Nicholson Diet religiously as I embark on this program of exercise that’s going to get underway primarily with climbing and bicycling.  I plan on returning to my daily climbing routine and adding bicycling in when my bike is assembled and I pick it up at REI in Bozeman within a week and a half or so.  I plan on bicycling everywhere I can, and that includes most of the places that I drive to presently. For example, I’ll bike over to the climbing gym, climb, and bike back home from the climbing gym…or take a detour to get something to eat, or any number of things, etc.  I’ll be out and about on my bike instead of in my truck.  I’ll have to build up to this gradually, as my cardiovascular system needs some conditioning and I need to lose some weight while I condition my body for these longer rides!  I’ll build up to what I hope will be bicycling 40 miles/day, or about 4 hrs/day, and climbing, of course, by the end of the summer.  That’s why I bought an adventure touring bike.  I want to adventure and I want to tour, and I want to commute to and from the places that I normally go…and some of the places I don’t.  This bike will work for all of those purposes!

As far as climbing goes, I’ll be climbing outdoors over the summer and building up my skills, technique, strength, and endurance for that as I get into the swing of things again.  The crags are calling!!!  I plan on having a very physical summer with some great physical and mental results!

I described my lifestyle overhaul plan and the bike to my doctor, who’s an avid bicyclist, earlier today and he thought it was a great idea!  This will mean that I have to say, “No,” to certain things and have control over my own time instead of everyone walking all over me constantly.  It means that I might not always be available and that others will have to take some responsibility and find other means to solve their problems and get their own needs met while I meet my needs.  I can say, “No, I’m not available at that time, but I can be available at this other time,” and so forth.  I will have control of my time, for the most part.  Not only will I have control over my time, but I will be getting physically fit and fulfilling my mental health needs by climbing and bicycling, along with watching my diet.  I will be getting healthy!!!

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