The reason(s) for the Co-op ADV 3.1

Today, 30 Apr 2018, I have been climbing for two years.  Two whole years!!!  This last year has been a rough one, and between switching over from the old bouldering gym to the new SteepWorld Climbing and Fitness, my nephew coming into the world, medication changes, sleeping with a BiPAP, PTSD, Major Depression, and some other factors I’m sure I’m leaving out at 0622 hrs in the morning, I find myself weighing the most I have ever weighed in my entire life, being much less fit than I want and need to be, not climbing as much, as hard, or as well as I planned to be, and generally unhappy with how things are going health-wise, and therefore, life-wise.  My thought was that I would get in shape and then get a good bike, and then I decided that, for this momentous occasion of having been climbing for two years and needing to overhaul my lifestyle, the bike of my dreams would be the perfect way to celebrate and kick off this new lifestyle.  This bike is carries with it my means to a better, healthier, more outdoor-centered lifestyle when I’m not climbing, and gives me the ability to get more out of my time.  If I’m going to sit around when I’m not climbing, I might as well be sitting on my new Co-op ADV 3.1 Adventure Touring Bike burning off some excess fat and getting some cardiovascular benefits from it, as well as getting some fresh air and seeing some new sights outdoors while pedaling away!  I can save money on gas and bike to where I need to go, thus getting some exercise and effecting a lifestyle change that will help me to get in better climbing shape all at the same time!  I can ride my Co-op ADV 3.1 to the climbing gym, get a good climbing session in, and then bike back home, or wherever I want to!  This whole thing is about getting in shape – better climbing shape, better biking shape, better physical shape, and better mental shape.  I’m both celebrating a milestone in my life and beginning a new fitness journey with this bike.  I need a concrete event to accomplish this, and getting the Co-op ADV 3.1 is that concrete event at an extremely positive point in my life – my two-year climbing anniversary.  I absolutely need climbing in my life.  There are healthier ways to get to the climbing gym and/or the crag, though, and ways to get more – much more – out of my time for my health and well-being as far as travel goes.  So let’s celebrate life with a new bike and a renewed sense of hope for my future climbing and traveling adventures!!!

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