Taking care of Squiggle Bug today

My mom has to take my dad to a doctor’s appointment today, so I’ve been designated Babysitter-in-Chief for Squiggle Bug until my sister-in-law gets up around 1500-1530 hrs or so.  Squiggle Bug is SO BUSY these days!!!  Hopefully we can keep the bumps to a minimum as he attempts to stand up using everything imaginable and won’t want to sleep because Aunt Chris is there.  He loves it when I’m around and never wants to go to sleep when I’m there because he might miss some play time with me!  I do hope he gets some rest, though, because he tends to be overtired anyway.  When he sleeps, I get to rest, too!  He’s incredibly high-energy and is always on the move!  Nine and a half months old and into everything!!!  I picked the right nickname when I came up with Squiggle Bug, that’s for sure!!!  I hope to get a little bit of blogging or reading done while he sleeps – IF he sleeps – but I can’t promise anything.  He’s a handful right now and he’s becoming more and more active every day, haha!  The Energizer Bunny ain’t got nothin’ on my nephew!!!

eEqs+LfNRZeBtMinR+tmfQMaybe, if it’s nice enough, we can go outside and spend a little time in the sunshine – if the sun comes out, that is.  Squiggle Bug loves it outside!  He loves taking in the sights and sounds and colors.  He loves the black cat, too.  Godzilla is an outdoor cat that found a home with us all a few years ago.  He’s old and talks a lot, which my nephew is fascinated with.  Godzilla pees on everything, too, so you’ve really got to watch him/her (we don’t even know, but I think it’s a her).  Anyway, Godzilla likes to go roll in the dirt and then come and rub against you, which gets you covered in hair and dirt and leaves and whatever else just got rolled in…  I love that cat.  I always greet Godzilla with a scrub on the head and a “Hello, Kittay…” which Godzilla loves and makes sure he/she gets every time he/she sees me.  Squiggle Bug would love to get ahold of Godzilla, but that’s in order to chew on Godzilla, and Godzilla would definitely not take too well to that!  We’ll save those introductions for later when Cullen’s a bit older and not so gnaw-happy!!!

Well, it’s almost 0600 hrs, and my brother should be bringing Cullen down any minute.  He has to go pick up my sister-in-law from work and I need to get ready for my day upstairs with Squiggle Bug.  I think I’ll definitely pack my iPad Pro and iPencil.  That always seems to work well for blogging and writing when I get the opportunity to have some “down time” if he’s sleeping.  Babies are a full time job, though, especially this one!!!  There’s not a lot of hope for “down time” right now, but if he goes to sleep, he could sleep for 20 minutes or three hours!  It varies greatly!  So we’ll see.  I still can’t wait until he’s old enough to climb!!!  It’s going to be so much fun!!!

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