A short session yesterday

By the time I went climbing yesterday, it was nearing time for the kids to be out of school and the climbing gym’s after-school program to start.  It was a short session yesterday for me, but that was okay.  I completed the MyClimb Intermediate V1 Foundation Workout on the app in just over 16 minutes!  The gym was getting ever more busy that entire time and I knew I had to get that workout done in a hurry if I wanted to do it yesterday because soon, that area would be overrun with little kids.  I did it!!!

Emily was there and was having a crummy day.  There wasn’t much I could do about it, which saddened me a bit.  She gave me a great big hug before she left, so I hope that helped her some with her day.  Sometimes a hug is all it takes to make the world look a lot brighter.  Either way, I hope her day improved.  I hate to see people, especially my close friends, having a rough time of things…

Prior to going climbing yesterday, I went to a coffee shop to enjoy some time in a quiet, calm atmosphere that wasn’t my kitchen table.  I took my iPad Mini 4 along, as my doctor has suggested many times so that I always have a means of distress tolerance and emotion regulation through blogging, and ended up writing my second blog of the day yesterday – the one about Friday the 13th and superstition.  It seemed fitting, since I was sitting in the corner amongst a bunch of people I didn’t know at this coffee shop drinking a really awful strawberry smoothie and wondering what all those people thought about different things, including Friday the 13th.  With the nasty quality of that smoothie, I could’ve written a horror novel while choking it down because of the cost of the thing.  I didn’t want to waste my money.  Unfortunately, I had, whether I drank the horrible thing or not.  Note to self – never order a smoothie at that coffee shop again!  The atmosphere was perfect for writing, though.

Today should be good for a short climbing session, at the very least.  I’ll have to try to work around the audience I’m sure I’ll have on the main floor bouldering wall since the little kids will have their reign of terror going up on the boulder wall on the mezzanine.  I think it’s the parents that irritate me more than the little kids, actually.  The parents think that the climbing gym is some kind of babysitting service, and it’s not – not at all!!!  The parents don’t supervise or discipline their kids at all, and they never teach them to follow the rules or how to behave in a public place.  They just let them run wild all over the place and do whatever they want to do while they gab with some buddy of theirs over things that don’t matter, all the while happily making everybody else have to watch out for their spoiled little spawn, as not to squish them in some horrible, yet morbidly satisfying fashion.  It’s early in the morning and I haven’t had my coffee.  Can you tell?  Like I said, the kids aren’t the problem.  It’s their clueless parents…

Anyway, I’ll make a day of climbing and then we’ll be watching Cullen tonight.  I should fit coffee with my mom in there somewhere, and I will.  She’s coming in to watch Cullen today while my sister-in-law sleeps because she has to work tonight so that my brother can go and get his taxes finalized.  Yes, at the last minute.  Of course, my husband only got his done yesterday, so I can’t say much.  I got mine done on the last day of February, so I do have a few things to say, but to each his own, I guess.  As long as nobody ends up in jail, it’s all good.  I guess Squiggle Bug has a doctor’s appointment this morning, too.  Hopefully there aren’t any shots involved.  He has such a hard time with those, more in understanding why someone would stab him with multiple needles for seemingly no reason at all while Daddy holds him down than the actual pain of the thing physically.  I had a hard time understanding why my mom would cover my eyes when they were about to give me shots when I was little.  Yes, I remember.  Kids remember these things.  I remember LOTS of things…

So, it may be a short session today, but I might get my climbing harness on and go for some auto-belays if I feel up to it, too.  One never knows what they’ll end up doing at the climbing gym.  I may just sit on a stationary bike and peddle for a half an hour.  It all depends on the crowd that’s there and where they’re concentrated at.  Sometimes I just have to walk away.

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