Technique, volume, and a solid foundation

I’m really working on laying down a solid foundation for my climbing.  To do that, I have to have a high volume of climbs at grades below my limit so that I can practice technique and gain endurance and strength.  I climb a lot of V0 problems, some VB problems (because I can make those into more or less difficult problems for myself), and fewer V1 problems while I’m in the recovery and rebuilding phases of my climbing routine.  Following a long absence due to illness and fatigue, I don’t want to risk injury by overdoing anything right away.  Yes, I have to start over from the beginning, but that’s okay.  It gives my mind a reset, too, and that’s all-important for us as climbers when we’re humbled and look at the rock as a beginner again.  It opens up creativity within us if we refuse to let frustration take over.  Don’t be frustrated – everybody has setbacks!  I don’t think of them as setbacks anymore.  I think of them as opportunities.  In beginning again, I can correct any bad habits I’ve fallen into and challenge myself to do better in all areas of my climbing!  It starts with how you think about it.  If you want to make your recovery miserable, go ahead and give in to frustration and self-pity.  That works great for misery!  I’m not into being miserable, though.  Climbing is the one thing I can look to for relief from anything life can throw at me, and I consider it a gift and a blessing no matter what level I’m climbing at.  The fact that I have the means and the ability to get on the rock and climb is a miracle in my life, and I treat it as such.  I don’t always feel super-psyched to do it, but once I touch the holds or the rock, I’m stoked!!!  I just have to get myself there, and then the fever takes over, haha!

Climbing is my passion in life.  Hopefully you have a passion in your life, too, even if it’s not climbing!  People need ways to decompress and have fun.  Adults need to play, too.  I make sure that I focus on my technique on less difficult problems so that I can trust my feet and know how my own balance shifts when it comes to more difficult moves.  I perform a high volume of lower level climbs in order to train my body and my mind to just focus on the next hold and be in the moment.  That doesn’t get boring for me – it’s my relief and my release.  It helps me get rid of my demons.  Try it!  If you’re focusing on your footwork and not over-gripping at the same time, there’s no room for the demons to torment you!  Your body and your brain are both fully occupied at that moment, and that’s what I love about climbing.  It burns off the toxic chemicals and releases the ones we get good feelings from!  Who doesn’t want that?!  More experience, more foundation, more technique, more endurance, more strength, more climbing…more fun!!!  Have some fun today!!!  CLIMB!!!

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