It’s been 15 years…

It’s been 15 years since I was honorably discharged from the military under medical conditions.  Hard to believe.  Fifteen years ago, I never would’ve envisioned myself as a rock climber or a blogger.  Yet, here I am!  It was especially important to me today to go climbing.  I found out that one of my friends at the gym is a Veteran, too.  She’s a nurse.  We talked for a bit, then, as she was leaving, she said, “Glad to be your friend!” and off she went.  Glad to be your friend.  Those five words changed my whole day.  I had a Coaching Moment with the Doc because this day had arrived without my being aware of it until I woke up and things just haven’t worked right today.  I realized the date and its significance, and then things made a bit more sense.  That doesn’t take away the fact that I’m still having a hard day.  It just gives me a reference point as to why.  My doctor was pleased that I’d already gone climbing and done some positive things to take my life back from PTSD.  When I said I should go climb some more, he said enthusiastically, “Do it!”  He asked me what I usually do on a day like this and I told him I usually go in the bunker.  “Well, if you have to go in the bunker, do it, but I think it’s better to stay out.  Be around people, don’t isolate yourself, you know…  You’ve already done some positive things to take it back.  And every minute you spend out of the bunker is a minute of your life you’ve taken back.”  I may well go back to the climbing gym again and climb some more!!!

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