I got a drone today!!!

I got a drone today!!!  It’s a white Yuneec Breeze 4K drone that you can operate with your smartphone or tablet, or with the controller that comes with it!  This is so cool!  I’m letting everything charge up right now.  Batteries and such.  I might not get to try it out right away because of the weather outside, but I’m so stoked!!!  This is great!  It has it’s own hard protective case and everything!  I’ve downloaded the app from the App Store and can’t wait to test fly this awesome machine!  I’ve been wanting a drone for a few years, now, especially since I’ve started climbing, and now I have one!  YEEEESSSSS!!!  It has propeller protectors and extra propeller blades, which is good, too.  I’ve never had any experience with a drone, but the website says this is a no-experience-necessary drone model, so we’ll hope they’re right!

Jerrold found it for me when he went to the game shop to see if his buddy, the owner, was there.  He brought it out and showed it to me.  His buddy said he’d sell it to me for $45 less than he had it marked.  Yes!!!  I bought it and our incense as soon as Jerrold came back out of the store!


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