The way you want it to be

This subject is closely related to what makes things what they are, except we’re going to make an idealistic version of our lives out of a set of own perceptions to begin with.  Those are the assumptions we’ll start with.  Everyone’s will differ, because every single one of us has a different way we want it to be.  I’m going to walk you through mine.

The way I want it to be.  It, in my case, is life in general.  I want to climb.  I want to have more time to climb.  I want more skill and technique in climbing, and I want to always enjoy climbing for the pure movement and present moment of it.  I want to be physically fit again, which climbing will help with and which will help me to climb better.  I want to live a long life so that I can reach my full climbing potential.  I want a life I can enjoy and be happy with.  I want enough time in the day to experience everything on my list for that day, every day.  That may be a tall order, but and even taller order is that I want to have enough energy to do all that I want to do in life.  I want to have enough time with other people and enough time to myself both.  I want photos of all of the important people in my life, so that I can look at them and remember that I had good times with those people and how they influenced me.  I want to always be able to climb to relieve stress.  I want my passion and fire for climbing to always burn hot and bright, an unquenchable fire that carries me to the heights of mortal existence and experience!!!  I want to always have the means and the ability to climb.

Now, do yourself a favor and sit down.  Take a deep breath, and think (writing it down would be good) about the way you want it to be.  Make it happen!!!

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