A quick MyClimb Foundation Workout

I had very little time this morning before I had to watch my nephew for the day, but I did have enough to do a short MyClimb Foundation Workout at the climbing gym using the MyClimb app.  The fellow who designed the workouts on that app is a good friend of mine, and a mentor.  He used an idea that I had developed after he had taught me some things about climbing basics when we climbed together in Bozeman, Montana, so I feel honored to have been part of what my friend based these workouts on.  It’s great to know I’m part of something so useful to climbers!  Lou, my friend, just asked me what I thought of the workouts about an hour and a half ago, as a matter of fact!  I’m proud to say that I think they are well worth any climber’s time who wants to improve the right way – the way that gets results built on a foundation of climbing experience and volume.  Try out the MyClimb app on Mac iOS or Android, whether on a smartphone or a tablet!  You won’t be sorry, and you won’t be disappointed!

I was impressed with the workout that I did and made it back in time to have some breakfast before going to watch Cullen.  So far, he’s having a rough day…

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