Happy Easter!!!

If I didn’t live in Montana and there wasn’t a Winter Storm Warning from the National Weather Service issued for our part of the world today lasting through tomorrow and promising heavy snow, poor visibility, and generally dangerous winter conditions, I might be preparing to celebrate Easter by climbing!  But I do live in Montana, where all of this is going on…  So I’ll have to wish you a Happy Easter without the promise of climbing today because the climbing gym’s closed and the weather is acting up.  If you don’t celebrate Easter, you’re in the same boat if you live here, so no change in the climbing situation.  I would imagine that most climbing gyms are closed today for the holiday, but I don’t know that for a fact.  Some of the fast-food restaurants are closed today for the holiday, so it’s hard to say.  I can say, though, that I have a good meal to celebrate the holiday with coming up for dinner because my mom’s cooking for Easter and my husband and I are going out to have dinner and spend some time with my mom and dad later today.  Yes!!!  My mom fixes good food, and I haven’t seen my dad in quite a while, so it’ll be good to spend some time with him.  Of course, my dad and Jerrold will probably be having their own conversation, but that’s good.  My dad really likes my husband and always enjoys having him out at the house.  I think that’s good for everybody.

It’s Squiggle Bug’s first Easter!  I don’t know what plans my brother and sister-in-law have because she has to work tonight and Frank will be watching Cullen all day.  Except for the morning and the evening, when we have him.  Right now, he’s in the bedroom with Uncle Jerrold having a good time with “Duck” and his favorite nursery rhymes show.  Cullen really loved the Easter Cow that Gramma gave him on Friday, haha!  It’s going to be a favorite for quite some time, I can tell.

I got a haircut yesterday to be presentable for Easter dinner.  I didn’t have to – my family doesn’t have expectations like that – but I felt better about myself after a great conversation with the gal that cuts my hair.  I try to always go to get my hair cut when she’s working because I really enjoy her company.  Everybody I encountered yesterday and spent time with had some really high-stress situations going on in their lives.  My climbing buddy’s job hangs in the balance, the gal who cuts my hair’s life is falling apart, and mine, well…  I have to say that mine could be interpreted a lot of ways, but life’s pretty good right now, relatively speaking.  I can say that because I’m not going without anything vital to my well-being and health, I’m not in the psych ward, I have climbing and my blog, and thanks to some medication changes and good psychotherapy from my doctor, I’m feeling a lot better than I have in many months, maybe even years.  Compared to some of the places I’ve been in life, things are really good right now!  I’m very thankful for all I have and the ability to enjoy life right now this Easter.  🐣

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