It’s fun to get psyched from YouTube videos!

I love these mornings when I get up and, while going through my routine on my computer – Calendar, E-mail, Climbing 4 The Rest Of Us blog, Weather Channel, Amazon, Facebook – and then get the urge to go to something on YouTube Red, either out of boredom with the rest of it or from a link in my e-mail about a video I’m interested in.  Even better than something I’m interested in is something that turns out to be a really good video that I’m interested in!  Nothing warms my heart on these mornings quite like getting to add some videos to my Favorites lists.  The great part about watching climbing videos is that you start to get a little bit psyched when you find a good one.  Then the suggestions to the side catch your eye and you get a little more psyched.  Pretty soon, you’re only half-watching the video on YouTube while you’re stuffing your climbing gear into your crag pack because you’re so excited to climb that you can hardly stand it!!!  The fact is that you’re probably watching climbers much, much better at climbing than you are do some incredibly, freakishly hard stuff and near-impossible moves on rock that you’ve only seen in, well, YouTube videos or National Geographic specials, but you’re connected to them somehow.  I think that is the coolest thing!!!  You’re nowhere near their level, location, or pay grade, but you’re inspired to go try your own personal best by them!  And the stoke happens that fast!  Thirty minutes of watching climbing videos on YouTube, and you feel like you can send anything, and you’re so psyched to go out and try!  That’s the kind of morning I’m having.  As soon as we’re done watching Squiggle Bug this morning, I think I’m going to take off and head for the climbing gym.  By the time I get to the climbing gym, the psych may or may not have worn off, but it gets me there, and that’s what counts!  Going and DOING IT!!!  CLIMBING!!!  Who cares if all I can send right now are VB’s, V0’s, and V1’s?  At least I’m there doing it!  I’m on the wall enjoying climbing, and that’s the important part!!!

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