Promises kept…

I was rousted from my sleep by nightmares at around 0400 hrs this morning, then realized that the medication change had caused a side effect that I had forgotten about, so I got up, took my medication, and started my shower.  I somehow lost about 45 minutes of time, because when I next looked at the clock, it was 0500 hrs.  I only take 2-5 minute showers, 10-minute showers at the most, and I have no idea where all that time went.  Maybe it was me just staring in the mirror trying to figure out who I was…  I sat down at the kitchen table and looked up at the clock above the doorframe.  The second hand ticked away rhythmically – tick, tick, tick, tick – and I struggled to get the gears in my own mind to move at more than a snail’s pace.  How did I feel?  I didn’t feel bad.  I didn’t feel tired.  I didn’t feel depressed.  I felt…like going climbing!  I wanted to get my update done on Facebook for the MyClimb Celestial Winter Challenge 2018, which was already late by two days, done before I left to climb, though.  I grabbed my iPad Pro and made sure that the diagram that I’d drawn last night was saved, even though I knew it had to be saved at least once, as many times as I had hit “Save” on it!  I got distracted with something else on my iPad Pro and, looking at the time, was calculating whether or not I wanted to go climbing right when the gym opened at 0600 hrs, because if I did, I’d have to get ready in short order at that point!  I thought I should go right when the gym opened, and by that time it was 0555 hrs.  I got out the back door and into my black 2002 Ford Ranger (Edge package) right at 0600 hrs.  It only took me 20 minutes to get to the climbing gym.  I would be among the first few climbers to see the new bouldering routes that had been set yesterday on the Middle Prow region of the main bouldering wall.  I was on the wall a few minutes before 0630 hrs.  I had kept my promise to my doctor that I would indeed go climbing today, first thing (as he strongly suggested), and had gotten some relief from stress, as always happens when I climb.

I felt really good when I was climbing this morning.  I was happy.  I had taken my size 38.5 (M) EU La Sportiva Skwama climbing shoes with me and climbing in them was so precise and so technically spot-on as far as my footwork went.  I will probably continue to climb in this pair of 38.5 EU Skwamas because they are such a great shoe, but I’ll have to buy another pair for outdoor climbing so that I have a good pair for the great walls of genuine rock that await my touch as soon as it gets nice enough to climb outside again!  I’ve been wearing a half-size larger pair of Skwamas that is showing some wear already, and I think the wear is from them being that half-size larger.  Although more comfortable, they are a smidge too large for my feet if I am to be honest, and I’m a bit clumsy in them.  Onward with the Spring Sales Events so I can get another pair of size 38.5 (M) EU’s!!!  I’ve always loved the La Sportiva Skwama climbing shoes.  Just fantastic shoes…  Anyway, I felt good on the wall in general.  My body ached from a few days off the wall, which was to be expected, so I took the time to kind of play around with my climbing a bit this morning.  The new problems were something to play with, and then there was the overhanging green V1 that I could finally have sent this morning if I had wanted to, but I saved it for another day.  I went upstairs and climbed my favorites on the bouldering wall on the mezzanine, paying close attention to my footwork.  That was nice, because I was actually able to pay attention and enjoy the movement of my body and its coordination while climbing instead of feeling absolutely awful and/or self-conscious.  There were only a handful of climbers there, and there wasn’t anyone sharing my space due to that, thankfully.  It allowed me to relax and climb without fear of embarrassing myself or even worrying about it.  No anxiety.  I left at 0900 hrs sharp, just by chance, and headed back to my apartment.  My husband pulled out in his blue ’77 Ford truck to go to work just as I was parking the Ranger behind the garage.  There’s something to be said for promises kept…

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