Kids’ climbing gear

I want to make sure that Squiggle Bug, my nephew, has an opportunity to explore climbing when he’s a little older.  That means looking for the equipment he’ll need to accomplish that.  There seems to be a pretty decent selection of kids’ climbing gear out there if you know where to look online.  I’ve been exploring Amazon a lot and it names the merchants with some of the suggested equipment based on my browsing history, etc., so I go and look at those sites and compare prices and such.  I’m so excited!  I’ve found a full-body climbing harness, climbing shoes, a chalk bag, and a helmet for him so far.  The chalk can wait until we’re ready – that, I’m not worried about.    I sure hope he keeps his active spirit up as he grows, and his energy!  I know it’ll be a while before we can go climbing, but I’m also thinking of how prices are going to continue to go up (as with everything else!).  Besides that, I’m just excited about it!!!  This is going to be so much fun!!!  I wish I’d had an opportunity to learn to climb when I was a kid, but I was born before indoor climbing gyms and crash pads.  I did, however, grow up in a prime climbing area, it turns out, and now that I’m a climber, I’m going to learn to trad climb and go climbing there when I’m experienced enough and have a belay partner that is experienced enough!!!  It’ll be fantastic!!!  There are plenty of bouldering opportunities there, as well.  And I digress.  My main focus is to make sure my nephew gets the opportunity to experience climbing at a young age and to decide if it’s something he wants to pursue.  I sure hope it is, but even if it isn’t, that’s okay.  I’ll be happy to have provided that opportunity for him, in conjunction with his parents.  I hope to get them going to the climbing gym soon, too!  They have a membership, and as soon as my sister-in-law gets a day job, they should have more of a clear shot at establishing a routine of going to the climbing gym regularly, and introducing their son to it.  Never fear!!!  Aunt Chris will be there for all of them!!!  I want climbing to be accessible to everyone!!!

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