I’ve made a productive day of being sick…

Okay, so I’m sick.  I don’t dare climb or go far from the bathroom.  That’s okay.  My computer is set up on the kitchen table and the bathroom is five feet away!  Do you know what that means?  I can blog, I can write and create in my bullet journals, I can read, I can take in food at some point, possibly…  I can do everything I need to from right where I’m sitting, considering the circumstances.

I’ve made a productive day of being sick so far.  It’s 1515 hrs and I got up at 0440 hrs.  I have a headache, but not a bad one.  I already wrote one blog post today, so this will be my second.  I read a couple of short stories in Neil Gaiman’s book Trigger Warning, which got my creative juices sloshing about (probably the reason for the headache, haha!).  I decided to eat an apple and drink some vanilla soy milk, (not at the same time, and not in that order), and then to begin working on what my doctor and I had discussed on Monday.  I wrote out behavior plans/checklists for the timing splits/laps to be recorded and compared for behavior modification purposes regarding blocks to getting to the climbing gym and getting back on the wall.  My routine is totally adrift at this point, and getting my main means of distress tolerance and emotion regulation back on track is our number one priority right now.  I got those plans done, and then made a chart in my bullet journal on the page following them to record the date, split times, and notes, such as where my point of origin was, and what time of day I began.  I want to include these things to see if they stand out as being distinct factors of any sort in my behaviors, which will be reflected generally by the times recorded.  My doctor told me it was going to be glitchy the first time I tried it, and because it was going to be glitchy, to build in a few glitches.  Okay.  Can do!  Glitches are my life!!!  After finishing that project in my Climbing, Training, and Tx Journal, I thought a bit about what else I could work on and set up in there.  Blog projects!!!  My blog is part of my treatment, and therefore belongs in that bullet journal under “Tx”.  I got my mini yellow legal pad from my crag pack and, page-by-page, copied and elaborated and rearranged my blog projects, refining them in my bullet journal, and they became several great pages’ worth of material for my blog in the near future that should interest most people who are climber-types and maybe even those who aren’t.  I left four blank pages after these initial blog project pages in order to have room to brainstorm, collect information, and write down observations regarding the projects.  Four pages will never be enough, but I felt that four was the minimum number of pages that were necessary to leave blank before I continued with anything else in my bullet journal.  I amended the index at the beginning of the journal to reflect these additions.  I even showered today!!!  I actually got dressed and am ready to help my mom take some of my things to store at her house out to her truck for her when she comes down to my apartment in a few minutes or so.  I don’t feel good.  Not at all.  It’s okay, though, because I’ve found ways to be productive even though I’m sick.  That makes me feel good.  I’m actually ahead of the curve, now, in terms of getting the groundwork set for when I’m well enough to resume getting my climbing routine back!!! That’s exciting!!!

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