My first bouldering entry in my new Bullet Journal

I worked hard at creating a Bullet Journal that could be used for climbing, training, and treatment purposes.  Blogging laces the pages as well.  Those can be a handful each, and together, what a combination, I’ll tell you!  I created what I think will work fairly well to record and monitor my behaviors, modify my behaviors, and create a series of behavior plans to deal with behaviors that either need to be established or need to be extinguished.  That, and I’ll have graphs of my points earned for attempts and sends on my climbing projects, data to compare with other data month-by-month and week-by-week, and most of all, an analog way of really digging in and seeing what I’m doing – what’s working and what’s not and why and how I can fix it.  Ideas will abound and so will practical action-based approaches to behavior modification, behavior management, distress tolerance, and emotion regulation.  I want my climbing routine back!!!  Yes, this whole thing sounds like a psychological study on myself.  It is.  I have a prescription for “Climbing ad lib”, written by my doctor, in my wallet.  It’s treatment.  More than that, though, it’s a lifestyle.  I want to be healthy and physically and mentally fit again, or as close as possible to those as my life will allow me to be so that I can be happy.  It’s not just what I do while I’m climbing.  It’s everything I do, every day, all the time!  How much sleep did I get?  Did I have nightmares from the PTSD?  Am I suffering from a Major Depressive Episode?  Do I have an injury?  Is this issue a medication issue?  What did I eat today?  Have I lost any weight?  Have I gained weight, and if so, why?  How can I stay motivated?  Do I need a coaching moment or can I deal with this on my own?  Okay, I have a problem – does it involve being tired, hungry, or lonely?  Am I getting sick?  How can I reduce stress so that I can manage it better?  What responsibilities and expectations are being pushed on me by others and which ones are mine?  How can I manage my PTSD and Depression better?  Is this something I can fix on my own, or do I need help?  How’s my mood?  What am I feeling?  And on and on…  You can see how it all affects how well (or not) I climb and how I climb is the most direct line to my happiness that I have found!  It’s a superb indicator of how I’m doing both physically and mentally.  That’s what I hope to create a record of so that I can, at a glance, see trends and changes, flip to the page with that particular behavior plan that I need right now on it, or show my doctor what I’ve been doing in case he has any suggestions on how we can make my life better.  I also want to have my blog projects all collected in one place so that I can reference them.  Blogging is a big part of my treatment, too.  I enjoy it and I have people who like my writing and regularly read my blog.  It doesn’t have to be professional grade writing, but it helps me keep my skills sharp.  It all feeds into having a social support system, as well.  Climbing, blogging, and everything else has a social component to it that is very important to establish and maintain for my mental health.  So far, so good!!!  And thank you for reading!!!

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