I finished “Neverwhere”

Well, last night, I read over half the book and finished Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere.  I highly recommend this novel!!!  It was fantastic!!!  I was very satisfied with the novel and it made me want to read more of Neil Gaiman’s writing.  That’s the sign of a well-written book!  I did so much reading last night because I just couldn’t get settled over not having climbed yesterday.  I needed something to take my mind off of my frustration and surprisingly, I was able to sit down and read a fiction novel for close to four hours.  That in itself was amazing.  First, sitting down.  Second, reading fiction.  Third, for that amount of time.  The book wouldn’t let me put it down!  It was an occasion for me.  I wasn’t tired after I finished reading the novel, either.  I was satisfied with the story and had only a few pages’ worth of extra material in the back that I saved for this morning.  Those few pages started my day off at 0311 hrs, since I woke up from nightmares and took my morning meds early due to that.  My brother just brought my nephew down for us to watch (0600 hrs) and my husband is watching him while I write my blog.  Cullen likes a particular show that has non-stop nursery rhymes at a pretty calm pace and it includes plenty of bright colors, so my husband is probably dozing lightly.  After all, it’s 0600 hrs in the morning!  Cullen will certainly let Jerrold know if something’s up, and I keep an ear out for him, too.

So how’s my body doing this morning?  My right shoulder and right elbow ache, my eyes itch and burn, my back’s a little tender toward the lumbar region, and my brain is sluggish at best.  The rest of me is just nagged by the usual aches and pains of osteoarthritis.  My plan for the day is to go to my appointment with the Doc and talk meds and distress tolerance (climbing), then go to the climbing gym from there and work the kinks carefully out of my shoulder.  I think some bouldering on the Boulderland wall is in order.  I may even do some cycling on the stationary bike if I can’t keep myself standing!  The pain from my right shoulder is met mid-humerus by the pain from my right elbow – a bit of tendonitis in both from the sudden onset of hard climbing again in the past few days, I would bet.  I pray that’s all it is…  Anyway, working out the kinks, getting some blood flowing, and mentally masticating what my doctor and I figure out this morning will be my plan for the mid-morning through the early afternoon.  I’ll go home to my basement apartment, and have coffee with my mom upstairs to catch up with her after that.  By the time I get finished with my coffee and my visit with my mom, I’ll be stiff and sore because I will have forgotten to take some Extra Strength Tylenol, so I’ll hobble down the steps, take two of those, use the bathroom, and go from there.

From there, I could go several directions.  I could write another blog post.  I could read a short story by Neil Gaiman’s book titled Trigger Warning.  I could catch up on my climbing log, which I really need to do.  I could update my daily Bullet Journal entries, which I also need to do.  That reminds me, I need to set up my tasks for the day…sorry – side note to self.  Then Jerrold and I will watch Squiggle Bug this evening again and I will probably try to either listen to some rain sounds on my Aftershokz Trekz Titanium earphones, or do a session with the Smith Lowdown Focus Slim glasses to get some more practice using them for when I begin to gather EEG data with them while climbing as early as next week.  This week has just been a little busy for me to get everything packed in where I want it that way, but next week looks promising.  Daylight Saving Time will be more than welcome on my watch tomorrow night!!!  I might even be up at the time that you’re actually supposed to push the hour ahead one round.  You never know, with my sleep patterns!  All I can say is that I welcome more daylight, warmer temperatures, and some better outdoor weather so that I can get outside and enjoy nature, climbing, and friends!!!  I look forward to SPRING!!!  That’s a whole post in itself!!!

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