I woke up with a really stiff, sore right shoulder this morning, and ended up taking some Extra Strength Tylenol for it mid-morning. After having coffee with my mom, I went to Sam’s Club with my husband and then decided I would go climbing. I got to the climbing gym and realized that, not only did my shoulder still hurt, but I also had not had anything to eat since about 0700 hrs this morning. I was ready to climb, but had some reservations on both counts just mentioned. I asked Jim, one of the owners, where the nearest sub sandwich place was. He and Dillon made some suggestions and I packed up to get something to fuel my climbing efforts. Upon finishing my sandwich, I’m sitting here feeling an uncomfortable level of pain in my right shoulder and my right ankle, which is the one I really have to watch out for. I’m thinking a rest day is in order. I would only have about 45 minutes to climb before I have to get back home by the time I got my climb on, anyway. I really want to climb, but I’m trying to be smart and not injure myself. I could possibly go back over to the climbing gym after I hand the boxes I need my mom to store for me off to her around 1500 hrs. The climbing gym would be extremely busy by that time, though. I’m not sure what I should do. My gut tells me to give my shoulder a rest, so that’s probably what I should do. I have an appointment with the Doc tomorrow morning and I could go straight to the climbing gym from there. I hate not climbing, but if it prevents an injury that would put me out of climbing for longer than today, then I’ll take that break. I’m going to spend the extra time on updating my climbing log and working on some of my blog projects, not to mention continuing to read the fiction book that I just can’t put down right now. I guess I’ll be climbing tomorrow in light of all that. My husband and I have to watch our nephew tonight, too. So, all of a sudden, feel like I need to climb for the pressure relief that it offers. Distress tolerance at its finest – that’s what climbing is!!!

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