Doctor’s Orders

Watching my nephew this morning went well. My doctor’s appointment went well, too. Back to my usual dosages of my meds, since I’ve recovered greatly from my wrecked state on Friday. “Going forward, I think the most important thing for you to do is to get back on the wall. Get on the wall and climb. Climbing takes up your whole brain, and you do better when you climb. You really do. So, you can ride the bike and do whatever else if you want to, but I think you need to be on the wall climbing for sure. I think you need to get the band back together, so to speak, too. The social aspect helped support you some. So you need to get to the wall and climb every day, plus maybe try to work it so you get some of that social thing going again.” Doctor’s Orders. It’s so great to have Doctor’s Orders be CLIMBING!!! I have to get my life back! It worked really well when I was climbing every day. I was doing really well, and I have all kinds of friends and a social support system within the climbing community. That’s what makes climbing so great!!!

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