The Smith Lowdown Focus Slim sunglasses

These, like the Muse headband (and powered by the same software platform and EEG activity-reading hardware), give you a first-hand view of your EEG activity during a given time period.  They are a pair of sunglasses (yes, prescription lenses can be put in them) that have sensors to measure your brain waves in the nose pieces, a nose bridge piece, and the two ear pieces on the arms of the glasses.  I got these in hopes that they would be more conducive to measuring my EEG activity while I’m active, as in climbing.  We’ll find out the day after tomorrow because the gym’s closed tomorrow and my medication changes haven’t permitted me to go climbing yesterday or today.  I got through the first 14 sessions today, which are to familiarize the user with the functions and features of the glasses, and to give instruction on basic meditation.  This system works on XP (experience points) earned during meditation and training sessions, which I found somewhat annoying because they had “Beach” as the default soundscape instead of “Forest”.  The problem with the “Beach” soundscape is that I find wind to be stressful, and that’s how the soundscape indicates higher levels of EEG activity – stronger wind.  The “Forest” soundscape, which costs 1000 XP that must be earned by doing sessions driven by the “Beach” soundscape, is much more pleasant and I don’t find it alarming by its very nature, meaning I can therefore calm my brain activity back down again if something causes it to be heightened.  Not so with the “Beach” soundscape!!!  Further lessons must be unlocked by going through 14 mandatory “First Course” lessons, which do earn you XP, but don’t count on them being enough to get you to the second course of lessons by themselves.  That requires 5000 XP.  After you’ve gone and spent 1000 XP on the soundscape that doesn’t drive you nuts and make you feel like your brain is going to explode, that’s another 1000 XP that you have to earn somehow to continue with your journey.  Training lessons are unlocked after the 13th of the 14 First Course lessons and you can download these various guided lessons after that point.  They do offer XP, but very little.  The good thing is that, as you work through these, more become available regardless of your XP.  I don’t agree with the use of XP to unlock other soundscapes, especially since I find the default soundscape distressing and had to go through the First Course lessons with it, anyway!!!  Fortunately, “Forest” required the fewest XP.  The next lowest requires 6000 XP to unlock!!!  So, I’m hoping that this investment will pay off in the form of being more conducive to recording my EEG activity while climbing because otherwise, I will have put myself through an entire afternoon of distress and the loss of a bunch of money for nothing!!!  Updates pending…

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