EEG activity while climbing

This is 2 minutes 44 seconds of my life. I onsighted a V0 aréte problem, then repeated it a second time while wearing the Muse headband to record my brain activity levels during this process. The results are interesting, as you can see. During the onsight, my brain activity was in a consistent state of calm. The green region in the Calm zone indicates this, as does the EEG data line. I paused after down climbing the route, took a deep breath, then proceeded with my repeat ascent of the route. My brain activity spiked into the Neutral zone and remained consistent there as I sent the problem for the second time. I remember being much less focused the second time I sent the route. As I down climbed, I was again focused and the EEG activity dropped not only into the Calm zone, but to an even deeper state of calm than before. I find this data very interesting and would like to see if it can be replicated, perhaps on another V0 flash attempt at another time. This is similar to one of my hypotheses that I stated in an earlier post, but I did not predict the difference between the brain activity data during the flash and repeat ascents of the problem, nor did I predict the intense focus of the down climb portion of the repeat climb. I want to see if this data can be replicated! Normally, flat lines are more indicative of a lack of brain activity, which means that either the focus was that intense and steady, or the headband was having signal difficulty of some sort. This is fascinating!!!

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