A new GoalZero Yeti 1000 Lithium battery

An e-mail comes from GoalZero about once every third day or so lately advertising “open box” products that are being sold at a discount.  I decided to check them out the other day.  It says these products are guaranteed to work and that they may be brand new or a demo model.  Either way, they’re warrantied for six months.  Good enough to keep looking.  I come across a Yeti 1000 Lithium that’s being sold for $500+ off and is still expensive, but not out of reach.  I contemplate the potential purchase.  I look at the specs, what it will power, how it can be recharged, how long it will hold a charge, etc., etc., and decide to go ahead and buy it.  I’m not going to get it any cheaper, that’s for sure!  It weighs 45 lbs.  That’s the only downside.  The major upside is that I already have the solar panels and the inverter in my truck to recharge the battery once I’ve drained it by plugging other things into it.  I have to think of camping/climbing trips and my BiPAP machine.  Since I have sleep apnea and have to have my BiPAP to sleep, it’s a necessity if I’m going to go camping anywhere overnight or on a multi-day trip to have a battery that will power my BiPAP.  I want to have that option available to me because I certainly can’t afford the hotel rates for the adventures I’d like to go on!!!  This way, I can go on more adventures!  I can actually go and camp at a campsite overnight and travel some!!!  That is so exciting to me!!!  It’s supposed to be delivered via FedEx today, but they need a signature to deliver it, so I’m bumming around my basement apartment waiting for the FedEx delivery person to knock on my door for the signature.  I’d like to be climbing right now, because the climbing gym HAS to be warmer than my apartment right now!!!  It’s frigid down here!  I have my five layers on again and there’s a draft from somewhere that I can’t quite figure out.  I’ll have to test out my battery and make sure it works for what I need it for right away!  I don’t want to wait until late spring/summer comes along and find out it doesn’t work for some reason.  I’m rather excited about this purchase.  Hopefully it works out!  Updates pending…

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