This would be 0% Calm with 43 Recoveries…


Calm 0% of the time.  The total time was 7 minutes.  I was calm for 1 second of those 7 minutes.  There were 43 Recoveries (transitions from High down to Neutral activity in my brain) during those 7 minutes.  I wonder if there’s a record for all-time low-performance score in the annals of meditation.  I supposed I could be in the Calm region for 0 seconds…  I really want to see how I do while I’m climbing.  I want to see my brain activity while I’m climbing.  Trying to focus on my breath and think about nothing obviously isn’t working for my PTSD brain!!!  I want to see how climbing affects my brain activity.  I have to be able to go climbing in order to do that.  That hasn’t been possible for the last month!  No wonder I’m calm 0% of the time!  My brain is bouncing off the walls inside my noggin!  Haha, calm for 1/420 of the time.  There’s a new definition for stress!!!

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