White Switch, a V2


“White Switch”.  My V2 project at the moment.  Well, it will be tomorrow.  I went over to the gym yesterday and took a photo of this problem on the main bouldering wall because it intrigues me.  I don’t quite have my beta for it ironed out, but that’ll come when I get on the wall tomorrow and start working the problem.  It’s definitely about balance and knowing when to switch it.  I want to just let it happen – let my body move the way it knows how to move.  I’m excited about the prospect of bouldering on the main wall, because it’s not something I’ve really attempted much since the new climbing gym has opened.  My focus has been on roped climbing.  I need bouldering, too, though.  I’m finding out that I’m short on power since I stopped bouldering and went to straight roped routes.  I need to get back on the stationary bike, too, for endurance.  I still have a touch of the bug, but I can’t let it keep me from climbing any longer!  I NEED TO CLIMB!!!  A month away from climbing is heinous when I think about it!  I’m going to have to rebuild what I’be lost before I can even progress!  The gym is closed today for route setting, but tomorrow I plan on going over and getting a good bouldering session in, to include visualization of and my best effort at “White Switch”.  Can’t wait!!!  Yippee!!!

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