My quiet time

I have two types of quiet time: climbing and blogging.  As far as what the decibel levels are during those two activities, they vary.  A lot.  Sometimes, when I’m trying to blog, my husband is talking and I’m trying to half listen while I finish a thought so that I can give him my full attention.  When climbing, it’s not often quiet, as there are other people present, the music’s playing (in the gym, of course), and distractions abound.  I like fewer distractions in general, both when blogging and when climbing, because that’s my quiet time.  I long for actual quiet time sometimes.  Time when it’s just dead quiet except for the sounds necessary for life and comfort, like the sound of the heater, the furnace, my heartbeat, my breathing, and what have you.  I need to be able to concentrate.  If I’m trying to either climb or blog and I can’t focus because something is interfering, I get very frustrated very quickly.  I need that quiet time with my thoughts, with myself.  I need to just be.  The world around us makes it tough to “just be”.  There’s always someone demanding something or bursting into the middle of our rhythm that we’ve worked so hard to establish, or attempt to establish.  Sometimes, though, it’s a welcome interruption!  I love it when one of my climbing buddies has some spare time and messages me, “Hey, want to go climbing?”  YES!!!  The answer is always YES!!!  OF COURSE I WANT TO GO CLIMBING!!!  Climbing with a partner?!  YES!!!  Roped routes, here we come!!!  Once in a while, I’m not able to go because I’m already committed to another course of action (such as watching my seven-month-old nephew), but for the most part, I’m going climbing!!!  I can’t wait until my nephew is old enough to go climbing with me!!!  I’ll introduce him to the gym and we’ll put his little climbing shoes on and I’ll turn him loose on the wall!!!  I really think he’s going to love climbing!  He’s a really happy, high-energy fellow.  Always moving 100 mph or fast asleep – one or the other.  It’ll be so much fun climbing with him!  I want him to have every opportunity to climb if he wants to.  I’m so glad my doctor recommended climbing to me!!!  I want to pass it on!!!

Anyway, back to the quiet time idea.  My mind needs some time every day to just chill.  Quite a bit of time, in fact.  PTSD has taken a heavy toll on my reserves when it comes to dealing with stress, as in, I barely have any at all.  Climbing and blogging allow me two different outlets for dealing with stress.  Blogging is a mental exercise that requires some serious communication skills, which I like to keep sharp.  I also enjoy writing and sharing with others when it comes to climbing, which is mainly what I write about even though it doesn’t seem like it lately because I’ve been sick.  Climbing is a stress reliever for my whole body, mind included.  Climbing is so complex, yet so simple, yet so complex.  You know what I mean if you’ve ever climbed.  My favorite climbing experiences are outdoors with my good climbing buddies in the fresh air with a slight breeze blowing and the sun shining, nature all around, and real rock to climb on.  It’s an adventure!!!  Spring 2017 through Fall 2017 was a fantastic climbing season for my friends and me.  Absolutely spectacular.  I learned so much and had so many good times that I can’t even describe all of them!  Fortunately, I’ve got some GoPro footage and one of my climbing buddies is also a budding photographer, so we’ve got some aids to look back on those times with.  That was my first season climbing outdoors.  At the time, we only had the bouldering gym in town, so for sport climbing, we either had to drive 2 1/2 hours to the nearest indoor climbing gym with roped climbing or choose a spot within 1-2 hours to go climbing outdoors day-trip wise when the weather was decent.  Fun times!!!  I hope this coming outdoor season is just as much fun with just as many opportunities!

I guess I’m missing climbing.  I’ve been really sick for a month, now, and I’m determined to return to the climbing wall today.  It’s supposed to be really frigid the next few days, with the potential for lots of snow, and I’m longing for it to warm up and dry out so I can go climbing outside with my friends.  I need some sunshine!!!  Actually, right now, I just need some climb time.  My plan is to get to the climbing gym right when it opens this morning at 1000 hrs.  Rally the troops!!!  Battle cry!!!  I shall climb!!!

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