Rain sounds

I enjoy the sound of rain and thunder.  I really do.  I know that’s quite incompatible with climbing, because you can’t climb when it’s raining!  I decided to download some rain sound tracks on my iPhone to listen to during the day on my Aftershokz Trekz Titanium earphones because I find it calming.  I needed to do something about my stress levels, since I haven’t been able to climb due to being sick!  So, as I write this, I’m listening to the sound of rain on windows, rain in the forest, rain in the deep forest, rain on city streets, big rain drops, distant rain with thunder, pouring rain, rain with birds singing, and a few other variations.  The only one I find to be unsettling is the rain in the ocean track.  I think it’s because of all the wind.  I don’t like wind.  Wind is disturbing to me and makes me irritable for some reason.  It’s always been like that for me.  Anyway, the majority of these sounds are very pleasant to listen to by themselves or while doing another task.  It’s kind of funny, because I’ve been listening to all this “rain”, and then I’ll step out the door of my basement apartment and it’ll be sunny out or snowing and I’m totally confused for a moment!!!  It’s rather comical, haha!

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