Go to the doctor again?

Man, this bug, whatever it is, is brutal!  And tenacious!!!  I had to take some severe cold and flu syrup this morning!  I’m beginning to think that I might have to go back to the doctor again.  Maybe there’s something more they can do to get me over this sickness?  I hope somebody can, because I need to get back to climbing!!!  I miss it like crazy!!!  I’m eager to work on that white V2 that I named “White Switch” on the main floor bouldering wall.  That one looks fun.  It looks like you have to transfer your balance several times and in a committing fashion, at that, in each case.  I want to send that problem!

Bouldering is the discipline of climbing that I started with exclusively, because I began learning to climb at a bouldering gym (the old gym).  I really miss the old gym sometimes, because I got to know the walls so well through climbing and route setting.  The new gym’s walls are definitely a step up with their actual texture on the walls themselves, though.  You can actually smear on the wall as you would be able to smear on the rock if you were outdoors.  I like that a lot!  I really miss the natural features of the old gym’s walls.  We don’t have any naturals on the new walls (most people don’t mind, I’m sure), and I kind of wish we did because the naturals added an extra dimension to the possibilities of the bouldering problems if you chose to use them, which I did.  I thought they were awesome, especially for traversing and making up your own problems!  Naturals made the walls a little more “outdoorsy”, I guess.  I’m not complaining, but instead, just reminiscing about the good ole’ days.  This new gym is definitely awesome and I love it!  I wish they had a bit more bouldering space, but maybe when they expand in a few years as everything progresses, they’ll build some more bouldering space in.  I’m in a bouldering mood lately.  I haven’t really bouldered much on the main floor.  I’ve bouldered upstairs on the mezzanine in Boulderland some, but even that hasn’t been what I call “bouldering” as an effort on my part.  I’ve noticed that, since I’ve been climbing roped routes almost exclusively since last November, my strength and power has left me somewhat.  That’s because I haven’t been bouldering!  I’m going to start bouldering again and get that power and strength back so that I can crush these hard moves on the roped routes.  Endurance is something I need to build up and that’s what the roped routes and some good solid cardio will do for me, as well as doing some laps on some boulder problems.  I need to progress!!!  Always progressing, always upping my game, always climbing better, with better technique, on harder moves and longer sequences – that’s what I want!  I want to be a great climber!!!  Why?  I want it for the pure joy of climbing because I love climbing!!!  I don’t do it for others, although it would help my climbing partners if I upped my game, by default.  Climbing is something I do because I like doing it.  I enjoy climbing.  I enjoy my climbing buddies and the camaraderie that exists amongst climbers.  I can’t wait to get back into it!!!

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