Blog projecting…

I’m coming up with some pretty cool project ideas for my blog.  I’ve got them safely written down on a small yellow legal pad so that I can work on them and tweak them to be what I think would be interesting to you, my readers.  There are lots of things I’m interested in, but you guys and gals may not necessarily be interested in them.  Bear with me if that happens!  I think you’ll like some of the series-type ideas I’m fleshing out, though.  I hope so, anyway!  If you have ideas on what you’d like me to do a blog project on, drop a comment or contact me!!!  I’d love to hear from you!  See, I’d tell you what some of my blog projects are, but then that would spoil the surprise and give it all away. Then it would be boring, and we don’t want that, now, do we?  No, we don’t.  So just know that I have some things in the works…

Yesterday, I went to the climbing gym, but didn’t get to climb because I had some family things come up at the front desk over the phone that I had to deal with.  That’s okay.  Today is the day!!!  I will climb today!!!  I’m definitely planning on it.  I had a fantastic talk with the Doc yesterday right before I went on over to the climbing gym, so I was able to deal with the family issues really well.  Mark that on the calendar!  The gym got busy about the time I had to leave, anyway, so I have a better idea of when to go today to minimize the audience I have.  I don’t like having much of an audience when I’m trying to climb, and especially not when I’m as weak and out-of-practice as I am right now from being sick!  There’s a V2 that I named “White Switch” that I want to work on down on the main floor bouldering wall.  I need to get back into bouldering regularly – it builds strength and power, and I’ve been lacking in that department since I haven’t really been bouldering at the new gym (not at any level to speak of, at least).  I need to ease back into climbing, anyway.  I’ve been out of it for almost a month, now, due to that bug that I still have a touch of.  I hate getting this sick!!!  It’s really hard to maintain any progress when you have to start over and rebuild after being sick for a month!!!  I was making good progress with training on the stationary bike and getting some endurance.  I had my diet going, too, and was losing weight!  Unfortunately, I gained that five pounds back, but I’ll lose it again, and then a bunch more!  I’m going to get down to where I want to be with my weight and be able to climb so much better and be so much stronger with so much more endurance that I’ll hardly be recognizable!!!  That’s my goal, anyway, and I plan on making it reality!!!  I want to get into the best shape of my life, and that’s saying something, because I was a prime military specimen when I was in the Service in the Middle East!  I’ll get there.  It’s the one-day-at-a-time-ness that’s killing me right now.  The journey begins with a single step, though, so here goes…

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