I have some of the weirdest dreams!

I woke up before my alarm went off this morning from a bizarre dream.  After some classroom instruction in a dark warehouse with many black curtains where a climbing competition was supposed to be kicking off, I was free soloing this slab when the vertically-perched granite blocks above it began to crumble and fall.  These blocks of granite were the size of houses, and this ascent I was attempting ended up being part of the large competition that was initially supposed to be held indoors.  The map for the competition area covered a huge sector of land!  The weird-er part of the dream was that I was free soloing these rock faces in my judo gi!  I had my white judo gi on, and I had been nicked by one of the falling rocks.  My first knuckle on my left ring finger had a chunk torn out of it, but it didn’t hurt.  I got to a safer position down the mountain from the loose rock and watched the granite blocks cut loose from the mountainside and crash down, spitting debris toward myself and some of my friends, who were also competing in their judo gis.  The Grand Master decided to eliminate that sector of the climbing area from our competition area and we raced up another slab and descended through a village of primitive tribal people next to a muddy river on our way to the classroom.  The classroom was crowded and I was in a great mood from climbing so hard!  I was giddy!!!  The instructor was one of my high school teachers and she was attempting to teach us a mathematical way to draw a topo map of our climbs.  The fellow to the right of me was quite serious, and the person sitting to my left wasn’t too interested.  I was trying my best to pay attention and get the task done so we could go climb some more, but the serious fellow to my right kept passing more and more worksheets to me, so I couldn’t focus and it got overwhelming.  That’s when I woke up.

Instead of waiting for my alarm to go off in another half an hour, I just got up, shaking my head and trying to get my bearings.  I know where all the components of the dream came from, so it’s not as disturbing as it is interesting.  The subconscious mental functions often express to me what I’m afraid to admit to myself, or warn me of a process that I’m not aware is going on in myself.  I’m glad for this dream.  I love climbing!!!  I’m definitely going climbing today!!!  Probably not in my judo gi, though!

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