Today, I cleaned the kitchen floor space

Yes, the dreaded “C” word – clean.  I hate cleaning.  I have a piles sense of organization, and I know exactly which pile something is in, including where in that pile it is.  It’s my husband’s birthday, though, and we’ve been dodging the large island-like pile of mine in the middle of the kitchen floor for close to six months now.  My mom and I had coffee this morning and she said it’d be a nice birthday present if I gave Jerrold his kitchen floor back.  Yes, it would be a nice birthday present, especially on Valentine’s Day, because he knows how much I hate cleaning.  It’s not that I’m dirty.  No, we’re not talking about cleaning because things are dirty.  We’re talking about cleaning in the sense of organizing things.  I’m a very clean person, and my stuff is clean.  It’s just that my stuff is in piles, which drives my husband nuts!  So, after I finished up having coffee with my mom this morning, I came back down to the basement apartment that we call home and began organizing enough to get things into boxes.  My mom told me not to worry about sorting it out right now (my main problem in organization), but just to get it into boxes and I could sort it out at her house later, at some other time.  You’d be amazed at how well that strategy worked for me!  And I did actually end up sorting some in the process, at least knowing what stuff I put with which other stuff in these boxes.  I managed to get everything that I wanted to store at Mom and Dad’s house into four boxes.  One other box came in the mail for me today, and I sent that out to be stored, too, because I don’t need it right this second and we’re undertaking this major organization beast.  In the spirit of challenging myself, I sent my new Kelty double camp blanket with my mom this afternoon.  We got it all in the back seat of her Chevy Colorado and my husband hasn’t seen what I’ve done with the kitchen yet.  I’m waiting for him to notice.  He’d better notice…  Anyway, he’ll probably say something like, “Why didn’t you clean this or that while you were at it?” but that’s just him.  I hope he says something like, “Wow, we can use the kitchen again!”  I can dream, can’t I?  Ha!  I’m listening to “Soothing Rain Sounds” with my Trekz Titanium Aftershokz earphones right now as I write this.  I can hear my husband playing PS4 in the bedroom with a friend, talking to him on his mic.  I just wonder how long it will be before he comes out and discovers that the island is missing? I want to see the expression on his face, because I even swept the floor after I organized and removed all the boxes.  I wouldn’t eat off of it yet, but it’s open space, at least.  Updates pending…

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