A cold day in…Montana!

Well, it’s Monday, so the climbing gym is closed and the route setters are working on who knows what.  I slept last night after my four and a half hour long nap and even slept almost two hours past my alarm.  That’s 13 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours.  Today, I’m a little sore and my right foot is letting me know that I need to give it a rest today because I may have bruised it yesterday.  It’s feeling better now, this afternoon, but it was quite tender this morning when I got up.  I wish I could get over this bug.  I feel tired as it’s just turned noon on the clock and I wait for my appointment with the Doc.  I had coffee with my mom this morning and ordered some pants that should be great for climbing.  I feel sick, still, and I can’t get the congestion and the temperature sensitivity to resolve.  It’s supposed to get up to five degrees above zero Fahrenheit today.  I could really use some spring weather right now!!!  I need some hope in my day.  Rough day, I guess.  I need climbing today and I don’t have access to it.  Really a bummer.  I need…something…

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