I signed in at STEEPWORLD Climbing and Fitness yesterday!!!

Yes, I know that may not be the most exciting thing in the world to read a blog post about, but it was sure exciting for me!!!  I haven’t been there since I got sick on 25 Jan 2018 – over three weeks ago!!!  I’ve been sick and haven’t had much sunlight, so to go out and get some sunlight at the climbing gym was a big deal to me after so long!  I got to see the “newly” set (as of the comp a week ago) bouldering walls and there are some that I think I should try today.  I felt much too weak to try bouldering yesterday, but I got a hearty welcome-back from quite a few people who had missed me these past few weeks.  I bought a Black Diamond Bullet crag pack that I liked for hauling my gym gear around in, and I ordered a pair of size 39 (M) EU La Sportiva Skwamas.  They should be in soon, I think, because Jim gets shipments in from La Sportiva pretty often – about every two weeks.  I was excited to be back in the climbing environment and I stayed for a couple of hours to watch people climb and just to soak up some sunlight from the large, clear garage door that is the southwest entrance of the gym.  It was quite pleasant to get out and go to the climbing gym, even though I didn’t climb yesterday.  I felt weak just standing there watching people climb, but it was worth it!  This illness has really taken a lot out of me.  I hadn’t realized just how much!  Today, I plan on going to the climbing gym as soon as it opens and bouldering some.  I’ll rest when I get tired and take it fairly easy until I figure out how strong I am.  I’m going to go right when the gym opens in hopes that it will be much less busy than it was yesterday at 1530 hrs when I got there.  There were a ton of people there!  I figure there might be fewer on a cold Sunday morning at 1000 hrs until around 1300 hrs when everybody gets out of church and done with lunch with family and all that.  By that time, I’m sure I’ll be tired and ready to log it all on MyClimb.  I’ll actually have something to log on MyClimb!!!  Can’t wait!!!

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