I bouldered today!!!

Today was the first day I’ve climbed since 23 Jan 2018!!!  I got sick with the influenza – the respiratory version – and have been sick since then, and am still, I found out today, sick with upper and lower respiratory symptoms, but I climbed!!!  I bouldered, more specifically, which is a first on the main floor for me, too, so it was exciting!!!

I passed Diane, who was running in our negative-degrees Fahrenheit morning winter weather, on the way to the gym.  She arrived just as the gym opened and said she was overheated a bit and was going to cool off before she came inside.  She and Chad live four or five miles away!!!  She’s in really good shape.  I love Diane and Chad – such dear people.  I got a big hug from Chad when he showed up – nothing better than big hugs from great friends!!!  McKenzie gave me a hug, too.  Brian came in and I talked with him a bit while we were stretching upstairs on the mezzanine.  He had come to the comp and wanted to leave after 20 minutes because it was so packed.  “I snuck out after 45 minutes.  Literally 45 minutes!  It was just way too busy.”  I would’ve done the same, the way he described it.  He didn’t even come for finals!  If I had been there, the two of us probably would’ve both stayed.  That’s the way it works with Brian and me.  We’re two peas in a pod socially.  I talked to Mack, who asked if I still had the chest congestion.  I told him I did and he said that’s what he had for two weeks, then one day, it all cleared out and he was better.  I hope that day is soon for me!  Michelle fought it off for two weeks, and now she’s full-fledged sick with it.  This influenza this year is no joke!!!  I’ve been sick with it for three and a half weeks, now, and I’m not over it yet!!!  That became evident as I bouldered today.

I began bouldering up on the mezzanine with the SteepWorld Traverse – a VB traverse consisting of all of the SteepWorld start holds at chest level to navel level on me.  It’s a great warm-up traverse!  I only made it halfway, but I made it halfway!  It really drained me, and immediately so.  I was surprised at how weak I was and how tired I was just from that alone.  I went down on the main floor and flashed a V0 blue problem that I named “Blues on the Corner”.  I then got on a green V1 that I named “Green Undercling”. After those two, I rested.  Breathing hard, but barely pumped, my toes and fingers were tender.  Yep.  That’s what happens when you’re sick and you haven’t climbed in three and a half weeks…  I talked to Shaun, who has thus far avoided the bug, as has Brian, and he told me he’s working two jobs, going to school, and taking on a third job next week.  I asked him when he slept.  “I don’t,” he said, laughing.  He must have a great immune system!

I sized up a white V2 that I named “White Switch” that I attempted twice.  I was too tired to make a hard attempt at it and decided not to push it.  The last thing I needed was a coughing fit to accompany the realization of how weak and sick I still am.  I sat down and watched Diane lead a red 5.9 on the wall with Chad belaying her.  Five minutes later, I noticed Brian sitting next to me.  I asked him how long he’d been sitting there.  “Oh, about five minutes,” he laughed.  I asked him what he was working on and there’s a slopey, pinchy 5.10a that he’s working on.  “I’m not good at that slopey, pinchy stuff, so that black one’s a good one for me to work on.”  We talked for a few more minutes and he went to try it some more.

I actually measured my feet today.  Jim wasn’t even sure he’d brought the foot measurement tool with him from the other gym, but I assured him that I’d seen it yesterday.  They found it and Jim showed me how to use it.  My right foot is a 38.5 EU.  My left foot is shorter.  Jaden said he has two different-sized feet, too.  Well, that solves the mystery!  I was always told growing up that most people’s left foot is bigger than their right, so I’ve always sized my shoes with my left foot and my shoes have never fit right.  This whole time, I should’ve been sizing my shoes with my right foot!!!  No wonder I’ve had such trouble!!!  Now I know!!!

I was getting ready to go and Diane walked by.  “You should bring your harness next time and we’ll belay you and stuff!  Really!!!”  I’ll take them up on that!!!  She asked where Emily had been, and I told her what times she’s been coming in.  “We usually try getting here in the mornings.”  I told her I was going to start coming in the mornings – much less busy!!!  Less of an audience!!!  She smiled and agreed.  I said my goodbyes to McKenzie with a big hug and she wished me a great day.  The wind had come up outside, making it even colder than when I got there!!!

Jerrold and I went for some tea and napped when we got home.  It ended up being a four and a half hour long nap for me and a five hour nap for him!!!  We must’ve needed it for sure!  I felt better after my nap, though.  I might not sleep tonight, but maybe I will.  Regardless, I’ll sleep when I need to because I don’t want to get sicker.  I need to recover!!!

So, long story short, it was a great day!  I bouldered, I got to see great friends, I got a fantastic nap in, and I feel emotionally refreshed!  Being cooped up and sick in a basement apartment for weeks on end doesn’t do much for your mental game, haha!  Today was a success!!!

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