Wireless Trekz Titanium Aftershokz earphones


So this is an interesting idea.  The wireless Trekz Titanium Aftershokz earphones that I ran across the other day are a novel product that I’m looking forward to trying out.  They’re earphones that not only don’t go inside your ears, but also aren’t on the end of a floppy, flimsy cord that gets tangled and caught in everything, either.  They use bone conduction to transmit the sound through your cheekbones to your cochlea instead of vibrating the hairs in your ears and your eardrum via sound waves that come from conventional types of earphones.  These earphones go over your lower temples in front of your ears and are connected by a solid plastic-covered titanium band that wraps around the back of your head.  Not only are these not going to pop out or fall off your head, but they’re also going to leave your ears open to hear the sounds of your surroundings.  This is what I really like about this concept!  Situational awareness.  No more getting snuck up on by a  passing car while running and almost getting run over…because now you can hear them coming.  No more risk of getting caught unaware by your mom while reading your older brother’s magazines…because now you can hear her coming up the stairs!  No more risk of getting mugged because you couldn’t hear the thief coming up behind you…because you CAN hear what’s going on around you, while still listening to your podcast or your favorite tunes.  It’s all about the safety of situational awareness.  I might actually be able to bear putting on a pair of earphones and going for a walk outside sometime now!  Having PTSD from the military, I’m always hyper-aware of my surroundings, and I never wear earphones or anything that could impair my hearing because that would cut down significantly on my situational awareness capabilities.  Now, though, with these earphones, I can potentially hear much more while I listen to a podcast or some music or whatever I feel like listening to while I work around the house or go outside.  My ears are free of obstructions that would hinder my ability to hear what’s going on around me.  I can’t wait to try them out!!!  This could be a real game-changer for me!  This could open up a whole new world.  I’m still not going to wear them at the crag or anything like that, because I believe that you need to have your full awareness and attention on your partner when you hold their life in your hands, as you are when belaying.  I could go on more walks to get in shape for climbing, though, and perhaps listen to something while I do so with these.  The prospect is actually exciting to me!!!  They’re charging now.  Updates pending…

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