Update on the Trekz Titanium Aftershokz…

Such a clear and consistent sound!  Not only that, but I can hear everything that’s going on around me while I’ve got the Aftershokz earphones on!  Brilliant!!!  I listened to several different types of music at different volumes with the earphones on and I was sitting in the kitchen hearing all of the sounds I needed to hear – the sizzling of my chicken cooking in the oven, the sound of the neighbor walking across the floor upstairs, the sound of the baby upstairs “singing” and making his little noises, the sound of the furnace kicking on, and other small sounds that would otherwise be lost if I actually had earphones plugged into my ear canals.  The sound and quality of the music I was listening to were great!  Pairing the Aftershokz earphones with my iPad was easy, and it was equally as easy to pair them with my iPhone.  The unit charged very quickly this morning, but I didn’t have an opportunity to play with it until late this afternoon.  I give these earphones two thumbs up!  I’m so glad I got a pair!!!  These will be great to walk around the neighborhood with while getting some exercise.  I’ll be able to hear dogs, people, cars, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, kids, you name it, and still be able to focus on what I’m doing.  I have to say that they feel good on my head, too.  They aren’t intrusive and they don’t bother me like regular earbuds and earphones do.  When paired with my iPhone, this unit acts as a hands-free bluetooth device for handling phone calls as well.  I ate a chicken sandwich with these on and the sound was good, so that was the ultimate test of what I’d be dealing with while talking to someone on the phone with these earphones on.  I was very impressed overall.  This Aftershokz product is the whole package!  Get a pair of these!!!

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