Business cards

Business cards are so hard to create.  Really.  There are a lot of decisions to be made.  Photos, designs, fonts, information, order of information presented, fancy-schmancy add-ons, rounded or square corners, paper type, card size, card shape, number of cards, number of each design per that many cards…  I’ve tried developing different business cards for different purposes, even!  I like options, though, and there’s a company called MOO that gives you a lot of neat options, and lots more if that’s what you want.  They deal in all things advertising.  MOO has standard size, MOO size, mini size, all kinds of sizes of business cards to begin with.  Then you can extend that to stickers – mini stickers, label stickers, etc., etc. in sticker books – how many would you like?  Postcards?  Got ’em.  Cards?  Design your own and choose your envelopes!  They have some nice paper and finishing selections, along with business card holders galore.  I designed some business cards this morning using one of their templates for once.  I decided that, for my generic, hand-it-to-anybody business card, I’m going to use one of their spot raised templates with the options assigned and just put my information in to be done with it.  I’m not even putting a whole lot of information on them.  For example, my mailing address.  If someone I hand that card to is interested in sending me something by mail, they can e-mail me (that’s on there) or contact me through my blog (that’s definitely on there), or call me for my address (also on there).  I can also write it on there for an individual.  The business cards that I chose are simple, colorful, professional, and very direct as to who I am and how to get ahold of me.  In addition, the cards are going to feel so cool on your fingertips that you’re never going to want to let go of them!  They’re just plain neat!  I use my more personal business cards for bookmarks and giving to people who need my information whom I already know.  I don’t hand out photos of myself or my climbing stuff to total strangers!  I even designed one business card to be an instructional walk-through “poem” for distress tolerance!  I think I’m going to like these new business cards that I ordered this morning.  I can’t wait until they get here (even though I paid for the cheapest shipping possible)!  Priorities – spend less on shipping if you’re going to spend more on the product…  Maybe that’s backwards, but I believe that these shipping companies get plenty for shipping with the prices we pay for their services!!!  And with the condition that some of my stuff shows up in…well, we’ll leave that for another post.  Insurance makes a mint, too!!!

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